Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Message from Captain Christeen Finlayson

The 2007 RLCGA County Team --- Click to enlarge
To all RLCGA members

I hope you have all had a very enjoyable Christmas and getting set to enjoy the New Year festivities!

May I wish each one of you every success in your golfing aspirations for the coming year. 2007 was a year of enormous progress for some of our members and less so for others! 2008 is a great opportunity for us all to improve our golf and move forward. My own aspiration is to improve along with you all.

I hope we are blessed with good weather and good health in 2008 and that many of you will be available to play in our competitions and, of course, return great scores!

Every best wish to you all for 2008.

A little extra! On your behalf I would just like to say many thanks to our wonderwoman webmaster, Carol, for all her efforts and time consumed in producing and maintaining our RLCGA website. Best wishes and thanks to you Carol from us all.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Lauren Mackin
Renfrewshire's 16 years old Lauren Mackin (Ranfurly Castle) who is now living on the island of Majorca with her parents, has won the Spanish Balearic Islands’ girls championship and the No 1 Under-18 ranking for 2007.
The Balearics consist of Majorca (20 golf courses), Menorca (one course), Ibiza (one course), Cabrera and Formentera. The Islands had close on 800,000 inhabitants at the last census.Lauren, picture right from St Andrews Links Trust website, who did not take up golf until four or five years ago, has improved her handicap from seven to four this year.After a good showing in the Ballearic Islands’ women’s championship – she lost out by one shot to experienced Spanish senior player Vicky Pertierra, Lauren came into her own in the girls’ championship last weekend. At Alcanada Golf Club, rated the most difficult of Majorca’s courses, Lauren won the title with rounds of 75 and 77 for 155. She won by five strokes from Luna Sorbon, a highly-rated Spanish girl and the favourite for this title.Last year Lauren played in the St Andrews girls’ open quaich (handicap) tournament and lost to Jessica Scott (Wanstead) by one hole in the final. Lauren was conceding nine strokes to her opponent.Lauren is a member at Son Muntaner golf course, a newer course than its immediate neighbour, the better-known Son Vida. Both are fairly close to Palma, the capital of Majorca.

Renfrewshire thanks Annabel Kane for supplying the information for the above article. Annabel played with Lauren recently in Majorca and was most impressed. Remember the name, she says

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Clare Queen(The Carrick at Cameron House) and Karyn left today for Bangalore. Clare is the only Scottish Professional taking part in the Indian Ladies Masters (the first Ladies European Tour event on the sub-continent) from 5th to 8th December.

Amateurs, Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) and Michel Thomson (McDonald Ellon) will be joining Clare.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Rules of Golf 2008 - 2011

The R & A and the United States Golf Association have worked closely for more than fifty years to produce a uniform code of rules so that wherever golf is played the same laws apply. Every four years these two governing bodies, after consultation with golf authorities worldwide, agree any changes that they consider will make the Rules of Golf fairer and easier to understand.

New rules come into force on 1st January 2008. Four million copies of the ‘Rules of Golf’, sponsored by Rolex, will be printed in English. The new rules will also be printed, under licence, in twenty-five other languages. Rule books will be distributed free of charge to golf clubs and may be ordered on the R&A Website
‘Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2006 – 2007’ becomes obsolete and is replaced by the new 2008 – 2009 edition. This book is invaluable not only for Rules Officials but also for all those involved in the administration of the game (e.g. club committees). It may be purchased from the above website or from high street or on-line booksellers.

Many members will have read in the press recently that there are to be changes to 28 of the 34 rules but there is no cause for alarm. ‘Rules of Golf 2008 –2011’ contains a new ‘Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf". This is excellent and should certainly make players feel more at ease with their rule books. Many rules have simply been re-worded in order to make them easier to understand. One example is the term ‘reasonable evidence’ that was used previously used in several rules. This was difficult to interpret and has been changed to ‘known or virtually certain’ which is much clearer.

One significant change relates to hazards. Until now the rules did not giver a player the opportunity to lift a ball from a hazard in order to identify it and therefore there was no penalty for playing a wrong ball either from a bunker or from a water hazard. The restriction on identifying a ball in a hazard has been removed (Rule 12 – 2) and the exemption from penalty for playing a wrong ball from a bunker or water hazard has also been removed (Rule 15 – 3). The result is that the penalty for playing a wrong ball anywhere on the course is now loss of hole in match play or a two stroke penalty in stroke play. In stroke play the mistake must of course be corrected in order to avoid disqualification.

Several other changes are to penalties rather than to actual rules and in every case the change favours the player. When a ball in motion is stopped or deflected by the player, her partner, or either of their caddies or equipment the penalty has been reduced from loss of hole in match play and a two stroke penalty in stroke play to one stroke in either form of play (Rule 19 – 2). This is a very welcome change. Many members will have been in the situation where the ball re-bounds off the face of a bunker and it is impossible to move quickly enough to avoid being struck by it!

Until now a flagstick that had been removed and placed on the ground was not allowed to be moved whilst a ball was in motion. This left players in a ‘catch 22’ situation. Moving the flagstick in case a ball in motion struck it incurred a penalty under one rule (Rule 1- 2). Leaving it on the ground to be struck by the ball incurred a penalty under another rule (Rule 17 – 3). This situation has been resolved. A flagstick, whether attended, removed or held up may now be moved when a ball is in motion (Rule 24 – 1).

On the putting green it is sometimes very difficult to avoid standing on another player’s line without standing astride the line of one’s own putt which is of course not allowed (Rule 16 –1e). An ‘exception’ to this rule has been added to allow inadvertent standing astride the line of putt or doing so in order to avoid another player’s line.

The penalty for carrying, but not using, a non-conforming club has been reduced from disqualification to, in stroke play, a penalty of two strokes per hole at which a breach occurred, with a maximum penalty of four strokes per round. In match play the state of the match is adjusted by one hole for each hole at which a breach occurred with a maximum penalty of two holes per round (Rule 4 – 1). This is now the same penalty as that for carrying more than fourteen clubs (Rule 4 – 4).

The penalty for using a non-conforming club remains disqualification. The R & A announced four years ago that from 1st January 2008 all drivers must have a conforming clubhead and ensured that this was well publicised. Sufficient warning was given to allow players plenty of time to check and, if necessary, change their drivers. This rule applies to all golfers of all abilities and in all forms of play. The required specifications are set out in Appendix II, 5c of the new rule book and detailed lists of conforming and non-conforming driver heads may be found on the R & A website. In club golf it is the responsibility of each player to check that her equipment conforms to the Rules of Golf. Players taking part in County or National events should also check as to whether the Conditions of Competition include the Driving Club Condition. If so any driver used must be on the R & A’s ‘List of Conforming Driver Heads’. For more detailed information refer to the R & A website and in particular their ‘Frequently asked questions’ on this topic.

Space does not permit me to mention, let alone explain, every single rule change but I have highlighted those most likely to crop up in the normal course of play. For more detailed information refer to the R & A website and to ‘Principle Changes introduced in the 2008 code’ which you will find on page 6 in your new rule book. Always remember that the Rules of Golf exist to make the game fair for all players. The more familiar you become with the rules the more you will enjoy your golf.

Jenny McGahan
R & A qualified Rules Official
November 2007

Thanks Jenny for all the information

Thursday, November 15, 2007

CONGU Unified Handicap System 2008 -2011

The Council of National Golf Unions has published the CONGU® UHS (Unified Handicap System) 2008-2011 manual which is the result of substantial voluntary work of the Council Members during the last four years.

The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) is the governing body for handicapping matters in Great Britain & Ireland and is comprised of members from the men’s and ladies’ Golf Unions/Associations in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with additional representatives from The R&A and the LGU.

The UHS 2004-2007 manual included, for the first time, a unified approach for handicapping men and ladies under the same system. The 2008 UHS has built on this success and has been expanded to include a number of new concepts. These include Supplementary Scores, Nine Hole Handicap Competitions, a separate CSS calculation for “Home” and “Away” players in Open Competitions and assistance for handicap committees in carrying out the time consuming Annual Handicap Review (AHR). The manual has been totally revised to make it more user friendly to clubs and their members by placing the clauses in a more logical order and adding explanations to relevant clauses (in a blue shaded area) to clarify the system.

The section on Supplementary Scores has been included to assist golfers who, for whatever reason, play in few or no competitions each year, by allowing them to return cards outside competitions for handicap purposes. At the discretion of affiliated clubs, a limited number of Nine-Hole qualifying competitions may be run and such scores shall be used to adjust handicaps. This option is designed to attract more players into the Unified Handicapping System.

Common sense has always suggested that in Open Competitions, the ‘Away’ player is often at a disadvantage compared to the ‘Home’ player and subsequent statistical analysis showed this to be on average between one and two shots. Since this unfairly affects adjustments of handicaps, there will now be a separate Competition Scratch Score for ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ players to take account of this factor and to provide a more equitable basis for handicap alterations.

The CONGU® website – – is being updated to explain the changes and also to answer many queries about the UHS. The “Myths and Misconceptions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” sections should be of particular interest to the club golfer. All the constituent Unions/Associations websites have links to the CONGU® website.

CONGU believes that the revised manual and the incorporation of the new concepts will assist in meeting the demands of the modern game and the changing needs of club members.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The 2007 AGM

The RLCGA County AGM was held at Haggs Castle Golf Club this evening and approximately 50 members attended
The meeting was opened by Captain Beth who held 1 minutes silence in memory of Kathleen McNeil our Honorary Life President who died last December

Reports were given by Jane Thomson (Secretary) and Audrey Sturgess (Treasurer). This was followed by Gillian Kyle who then gave a very interesting Junior Report --- click on this link to read all about it
Captain Beth then gave her annual report ---
She opened her report by saying she was sorry to announce the deaths of following County members Lily Green (Bonnyton), Alison McPherson (Whitecraigs) & Doreen Shaw (Williamwood).
She then thanked Karyn Burns for coaching the team again this year and for her help over the past two years.
The course rating team has rated all the courses in Renfrewshire. Maureen Mitchell (Cathcart Castle) has resigned as team leader and the other, Maureen Mitchell (The Old Course Ranfurly) has kindly agreed to take over this position. Beth thanked all their course rating team members for all the work they had done.
She then continued:-
The web site continues to thrive with over 100,000 hits. Carol is always looking for ways to improve it by adding new facilities. This year she has added a new web area for news around the West of Scotland – at Please encourage the appropriate person at your club to send a copy of your clubs results to at the same time as sending them to the Glasgow Herald. Carol also had a trial for online entry for competitions. She would like to thank all who participated. Unfortunately due to such small numbers of entries into competitions we are unlikely to proceed with this at this time.
Carol is always looking for news. You can become a ‘blogger’ ask Carol about this later or send it through the website via the “Send me News” link. We all appreciate your hard work Carol – Thank you.
We held a successful dinner in March with Sir Craig Reedie being our guest speaker. Craig was excellent and our Vice Captain didn’t let us down with a witty Vote of Thanks.
The Team Squad had a bowling night at Escape followed by a meal to help team bonding. The star bowler was Megan Briggs!
As part of the team training we had a match against the Eastwood Youth team which we lost 3 /0.
The Winter Foursomes final was played at Eastwood Golf between Roisin Black and June Lockhart (both Gleddoch) and Gillian Kyle and Eva Thomson (both East Renfrewshire). Roisin and June were the winners playing excellent golf.
The Championship was played at Erskine. Donna Jackson was the leading qualifier with a 74- 2 under the CSS and the winner of the Peggy Clark Rosebowl. There was a smaller entry partly due to the West of Scotland Veteran Association Spring meeting being played on the same day. The fixture cards are now becoming so crowded it is very hard to avoid these clashes, but we will try in future.
Donna Jackson lost to Megan Briggs by 4/3 in the first semi final and Clare-Marie Carlton beat Gillian Kyle 3/1 in the other.
The final was a very closely fought match with Megan winning for the second year beating Clare-Marie by only one hole.
Thanks go to Erskine for the courtesy of their course over the three days and to Christeen for organising the event.
The West of Scotland Championship was played at Drumpellier. It was cut to one round due to the atrocious weather conditions – hail, rain and sun shine! Renfrewshire were well represented but did not feature in the prize list.
The Scottish Ladies (Close) Championship was played at Barassie in May. Several of our players played, with Megan Briggs being 3rd qualifier. She unfortunately went out in the first round of the matchplay stages. Gillian Kyle, Eilidh Briggs and Gillian McGinlay all qualified for the Clark Rosebowl, with Gillian Kyle making it through to the quarter finals.
The West of Scotland Inter County Matches were played at Prestwick St Nicholas 9th – 11th July. We finished in 3rd place. Renfrewshire were represented by Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm), Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm), Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle), Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) Gillian Mullen (Paisley), Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle) and Julie Wilson (Williamwood)
A special thank you to Julie and Gillian Mullen for playing at such short notice.
We won on the 1st day beating Ayrshire 5/4, lost to Dunbartonshire & Argyll 5/4 on the 2nd day and lost to Ayrshire 5/4 on the 3rd day. All very close games and each could have gone either way. The team performed well as we had a depleted team with Kate O’Sullivan and Lesley Robertson both having called off due to work and illness.
Megan had an outstanding tournament being the only player to win all six points. Clare-Marie also did extremely well with five points. They were the best players in the tournament.
I would like to thank Kay Black for taking the roll of Caddy Mistress and all the ladies who caddied and supported the team.
The Rosebowl final was played at Eastwood and was won by Lorraine Morrow (Erskine) beating Lindsay Mathie (Cochrane Castle) 2/1. There were no supporters only a referee! It would be nice to have a little support at the finals of our trophies so I hope that there might be some spectators next year.
I would like to thank Eastwood for giving us the courtesy for both the Winter Foursomes and The Rosebowl finals.
We have had many success stories this year. Megan Briggs our champion has been a star.
Megan was runner up in the Scottish Girls Championship and managed a hole-in-one in the semi final. She played in the winning Girls Home International Team. She teamed up with Kelsey MacDonald to win the International Team Trophy at the Belgian Junior International Championship.
Megan won the Munross trophy, was runner up in the Leveret Trophy and 3rd in the Ness Trophy. She played for a LGU team against a Vagliano Trophy Select team
She and Matthew Clark were runner-up in the Scottish mixed foursomes.
In September she won her first full cap after being selected to play for Scotland at the Home Internationals at Dunbar. Scotland finished runners up to England.
Eilidh Briggs won the Scottish under 14 championship and played for the Scottish Girls under 16 team. She won the LGU Medal West Division Final and was 1st Silver at the Grand Final at Crieff Golf Club.
Clare-Marie Carlton graduated this year from Stirling University. She was 3rd in the Mackie Rosebowl, 4th in the British Universities Strokeplay and made the cut for the final round of the Helen Holm & finished with a creditable 235.
Honorary member Maureen Richmond (Royal Liverpool) was runner up in the Spanish Open and was 3rd in the doubles with Barbara Biggart.
Barbara Biggart and Jennifer Mack both qualified for the matchplay stages of the Scottish Seniors Championship.
Jennifer Mack was runner-up in the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association (West Division) Championship.
Gillian McGinlay and Maureen Woodhead, formerly Skinner (Gourock) won the scratch at the West of Scotland Inter County Foursomes Finals with Donna Jackson and Alyson McGinnigle finishing third. Shirley McKnight and Valerie MacKinnon won 3rd handicap.
Sara Harman, who got married this year, found time to play golf and equalled Aileen Wilson’s course record at Williamwood with a 69.
Congratulations to all those were successful in Open Days and everyone who won their club championships. I would like to commiserate with the runners up.
Jennifer Jenkins once again this year captained the European Girls Team.
On the administration side Pamela Mackenzie is Chairman of County Golf on the SLGA Board of Directors
Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association (West Division) Committee, Renfrewshire are well represented. Pat Walker is Captain, Sheila Goudie is Secretary and Lilias Snodgrass is the Treasurer.
Renfrewshire have 5 members in the SLGA training squads. Megan Briggs, is in the National Ladies A Squad, Eilidh Briggs and Clare-Marie Carlton are in the National Ladies C Squad as Gillian mentioned Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) is in the Development Squad and Maureen Richmond was in the Senior Squad.
and Finally:-

She asked Eilidh Briggs, Gillian Mullen and Julie Wilson, who were selected and played from the County team this year to come forward to receive their team brooches. Both Gillian and Julie had sent their apologies

Beth then presented Christeen Finlayson with her Captains badge

Christeen  then told us of the following changes in the committee:

Retiring from the committee are Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle), Eleanor Bremner (Whitecraigs) and Dorothy Yates (Cowglen). Secretary Jane Thomson (Whitecraigs) and Junior Secretary Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) also retire

New to the committee are Lorraine Morrow (Erskine), Sally Smyth (Ranfurly Castle) and Morag Little (Whitecraigs)

New Vice Captain - Trish Brown (Kilmacolm) Trish comes from a well known golfing family, is a Past Lady Captain of Kilmacolm and she is, at present, on the West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association.

New Secretary  - Morag Turner Kilmacolm) Morag has wide secretarial experience, is a Past Lady Captain of Kilmacolm and has recently retired from the General Kilmacolm Committee.

Junior Secretary  - Wilma Leburn (nee Aitken) of The Old Course Ranfurly. Wilma is a Past Chairman of the West of Scotland Girls Golfing Association; she has won the Helen Holm twice; played in the Vagliano Team twice;  played in the Curtis Cup in 1982; and has been a Scottish Ladies Internationalist for four years. She also is in the Guinness Book of Records for having 9 consecutive birdies in a round . This happened 25 years ago in the Riccarton Rosebowl at Hamilton Golf Club. It has been equalled by professional Beth Daniel but has been never equalled or bettered by any man !!

Results Secretary  - Freda Tuck
In charge of Sweaters - Sally Smyth
Caddy Mistress  - Kay Black

Honorary President Wendy Cameron then presented the prizes . To see all the winners click on this link RLCGA 2007 Prizewinners.
Past Captain Aileen Wilson gave the vote of thanks
Coffee, tea, wine and chat were enjoyed by all at the close of the meeting

Saturday, October 13, 2007

County Team player Sara gets Married

Sara mon her Wedding Day
Hi Everyone :
We were married in my home village of Northam in North Devon on the 15th September and had a perfect day.
We were then lucky enough to spend a three week honeymoon in Australia.
My married name is Sara McCorkell.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fixture Diary 2008

Secretary Jane Thomson has just sent me the Fixture Diary for 2008

RLCGA Events plus some other outside events

Course Dates (2008)
County Championship Bonnyton Tue/Wed/Thu 15th - 17th April 2008
Spring Meeting Gleddoch Tues 20th May 2008
Autumn Meeting Cathcart Castle Mon 1st Sept 2008
Foursomes Ranfurly Castle Wed. 30th April 2008
April Medal Cochrane Castle Wed 9th April 2008
June Medal (2007 Medal Finals) Fereneze Thur. 5th June 2008
9.00 – 11.00
July Medal (Junior Medal) Cowglen Thu 3rd July 2008
August Medal Paisley Wed. 6th August 10.00 – 1.00 pm
September Medal Renfrew Thu 11th September 2008
Winter Foursomes Various Closing Date - Sat 25th September 2008
Helen Holm Troon Fri – Sun 25th – 27th April
West of Scotland Championship HAGGS CASTLE Sunday 18th May 2008
Scottish Ladies Close Championship LOSSIEMOUTH 13th - 17th May 2008
Inter County Foursomes Final EAST KILBRIDE (Nerston) Wed 21 May 2008
Curtis Cup St. Andrews 30th  May – 1st June 2008
L.G.U.Challenge Bowls Hilton Park Thu. 5th June 2008
Kennedy Salver Dalmilling G C Ayr  
West Inter County Matches Hilton Park Mon Tue Wed 23rd 24th 25th June 2008
Scottish Senior Ladies' Championship Deeside 29 July – 1 Aug 2008
Scottish Ladies' Foursomes Brunston Castle Sun 17th August 2008
County Open Meeting Loch Maben Tue 19th August 2008
RLCGA Junior Stableford Whitecraigs Sun 14th September 2008
Scottish County Finals Inchmarlo Fri Sat Sun19th -  21st September 2008
Commonwealth Spoons Final Torwoodlee Galashiels Thu 25th September 2008
AGM Haggs Castle GC Wednesday 5th November 7.30 p.m.

To see some more fixtures for 2008 Click here:
2008 Golf Calendar

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Linsey and Natasha does well in the Junior Masters Competition

Linsey Stevenson (Elie & Earlsferry and Whitecraigs),and Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle)did well at Gleneagles on Sunday 7th October in the Young Junior Masters competition on the Queens Course.
Leading Scores:
Par 74. CSS 73.
41 C Tait (St Regulus Ladies) (10), F Milne (Glen) (20).
39 K Ward (Glen) (13).
37 N Taylor (Thornton) (14).
36 C Jaffrey (West Kilbride) (23)
35 G Simpson (Murrayfield) (5).
34 L Stevenson (Elie & Earlsferry) (14). K Scott (Windyhill) (12), F Fullerton (Huntly) (12), N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) (9).

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kate Hamilton wins the 2007 Campbell Clock

Campbell Clock 2007
In glorious weather the The Junior Stableford (Campbell Clock) was played over Whitecraigs Golf Course yesterday. Kate Hamilton and Nicky Wilson the home players were 1st and 2nd in the main event of the day. Pamela Brodie (Kirkintilloch) was the winner of the 10 hole competition and Kayleigh Bissett (Haggs Castle) won the Par 3 Competition.
Many thanks go to all the helpers on the day and to Whitecraigs Golf Club for the courtesy of the course.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

SLGA Roadshow - Future Structure and Governance

Pamela MacKenzieThe SLGA has been holding a series of road shows on its future structure and governance.
The venues in the West of Scotland: have been: Hamilton GC, Douglas Park GC and Prestwick St Nicholas GC,

The last of the SLGA Road Shows to be held in the West of Scotland on its future structure and governance was held Haggs Castle Golf Club on Thursday 4th October. Pamela MacKenzie who is Chairman of County Golf introduced the meeting and Shona Malcolm who is chairman of the SLGA Business Development Group held the presentation.

Shona MalcolmShona is also on the One Plan for Golf Steering Group, an SLGA Board Member and sits on the clubgolf Board to represent the interests of the SLGA - She is also an LGU Councillor.
A very interesting and informative meeting took place with plenty of discussion at the end
To read and see all the topics discussed click on this link SLGA Presentation

If you have any queries on the content of the roadshow, or indeed if any of our readers have queries, please Email
Shona Malcolm
and she will try to address them

Monday, October 01, 2007

Juniors lose to Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Junior Team
Renfrewshire Junior Team
Lanarkshire Junior Team beat Renfrewshire Junior Team 4-1 at East Renfrewshire on Sunday 30th September 2007

Results-Renfrewshire names first-
Alyson McKechin beat Gillian Scanlan 4 and 3
Lesley Cosh lost to Emma Caddow 2 and 1
Saorcha Warren lost to Abigail Glikstein 3 and 1
Heather Howie lost to Jennifer Black 2 and 1
Samantha Cowan lost to Nicole Benson 2 and 1

Final score Renfrewshire 1 - Lanarkshire 4

Thanks go to Margaret Noblett (Lanarkshire Junior Secretary) for the Photos ---- click on each photo for an enlargement

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Autumn Meeting over Ralston

Played 13th September 2007, 29 entrants, SSS:71 CSS:73
Scratch: Barbara Biggart (Kilmacolm) 81
Scratch - 12 Handicap1st Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle) 84-12-72
2nd Barbara Biggart (Kilmacolm) 81-7-74
3rd Patricia Davidson (Erskine) 83-8-75 bih
13 Handicap upwards
1st Sheila Shaw (Lochwinnoch) 85-15-70
2nd Vivien Young (Cochrane Castle) 89-18-71
3rd Linda Hay (Eastwood) 92-15-77

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September County Medal - Greenock

Played 4th September 2007, 25 entrants, SSS 71, CSS 71
Scratch: Maureen Woodhead (Gourock) 79 bih
Scratch - 12 Handicap
1st Morag Turner (Kilmacolm) 81-11-70
2nd Linda McDougall (Greenock) 80-8-72 bih
3rd Beth Paterson ( Eastwood) 79-7-72
13 Handicap upwards
1st Jean Smith (Cathcart Castle) 85-15-70
2nd Russell Crawford (Erskine) 88-14-74 bih
3rd Anita McMillan (Erskine) 91-17-74

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Megan wins the Leading Team Score in Belgium

Megan Briggs in Belgium
Scottish golfing teenagers Kelsey and Megan played brilliantly in the Belgian Junior International Championship which ended at the Royal Golf Club of Belgium in Brussels today.
First, Kelsey MacDonald, a 16-year-old from Nairn, finished runner-up in the girls’ championship – and won the Girls’ International Team Trophy in partnership with Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm).
RLCGA's Megan Briggs, beaten by Carly Booth in the final of the Scottish Under-18 girls match-play championship at Peterhead last month, had scores of 80, 75, 75 and 77 for 307. She finished tied 16th.
Kelsey and Megan’s combined scores gave them winning total of 600 in the girls’ international team trophy event. They finished two shots ahead of South Africa’s Kim Williams & Monique Smith

284 Alessia Knight (Ita) 72 69 72 71.
293 Kelsey MacDonald (Sco) 75 73 72 73.
295 Rebecca Huber (Swi) 76 72 73 74.
299 Lorena De Lope (Spa) 76 76 76 71.
300 Kim Williams (SAf) 75 71 76 78.
Other scores:
307 Megan Briggs (Sco) 80 75 75 77 (jt 16th).
318 Ciara Butler (Ire) 82 76 78 83 (jt 26th).
319 Lucy Simpson (Ire) 82 76 78 83 (28th).

600 Scotland (Kelsey MacDonald & Megan Briggs).
602 South Africa (Kim Williams & Monique Smith).
606 Belgium (V Gevers & L Gonzalez-Escallon).
Other placing:
637 Ireland (Ciara Butler & Lucy Simpson) (7th).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Megan Briggs selected for Home Internationals at Dunbar

Ther Scotland team for the Women's Home Internationals at Dunbar Golf Club from September 12 to 14 is:

MEGAN BRIGGS (Kilmacolm)
PAMELA PRETSWELL (Bothwell Castle)
JENNA WILSON (Strathaven
1 Louise KENNEY (Pitreavie)
2 Sara BISHOP (Cochrane Castle)
3 Rachael LIVINGSTONE (Musselburgh Old)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Megan selected for LGU Squad

The LGU has named a squad of eight juniors to compete at North Berwick from 12 to 14 October against a selection of the players who were in the recent Vagliano Trophy match at St Andrews.
Scotland are represented by their Under-18 girls’ champion Carly Booth, Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) the losing finalist in that championship at Peterhead, Sally Watson, 16, who played all four rounds in the recent Ricoh British Women’s Open, and Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell) the Lanarkshire women's champion.
Lisa Maguire, a 12-year-old Irish twin and one of the semi-finalists in the Girls’

Carly Booth, Scotland
Megan Briggs, Scotland
Henrietta Brockway, England
Ellie Givens, England
Lisa Maguire, Ireland
Pamela Pretswell, Scotland
Kelly Tidy, England
Sally Watson, Scotland

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Natasha Qayum wins the Dunfermline Building Society Junior Masters

Natasha Qayum
RLCGA's Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) won the Dunfermline Building Society Junior Masters west regional final at Ralston on Sunday. Her impressive tally of 36 points takes her to the Gleneagles final in October. Well done Natasha. More info and photos can be viewed on the SGU Web Site

Monday, August 13, 2007

Eilidh Briggs Wins the Tom Lehman Trophy

Recently Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) won the Tom Lehman trophy played over Troon Lochgreen Golf Course. Eilidh scored a 77 against the CSS of 74. This result is one better than last year when Eilidh won the best nett prize. This trophy already has the name of Briggs on it with Megan having lifted the trophy 3 times. As Eilidh is only 13, the name Briggs could be on this trophy for several years to come.

The photo shows Eilidh with other prize winners and South Ayrshire Council's Provost, Winifred Sloan.

Monday, August 06, 2007

August Medal - Caldwell

Played 6th August 2007, 27 Entrants, SSS72, CSS72
Scratch: Heather Anderson (Troon Ladies) 76
Scr - 12 Handicap
1st Heather Anderson Troon Ladies 76 6 70
2nd June Lockhart Gleddoch 84 11 73
3rd Mo Neilson Greenock 84 10 74 bih

13 Handicap upwards
1st Julie Dickson Whitecraigs 93 19 74
2nd Irene Stewart Kilmacolm 91 16 75 bih
3rd Mary Gildea Caldwell 93 18 75

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clare- Marie is 3rd in the Mackie Rosebowl

Scottish champion Jenna Wilson from Strathaven won the Mackie Bowl SLGA 36-hole Order of Merit tournament for the second year in a row over the Gullane No 1 course today.
Jenna had scores of 70 and 78 for a level par aggregate of 148 in a freshening wind.
Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), Claire Hargan (Mortonhall) and former Scottish title-holder Fiona Lockhart (St Regulus) all finished with an aggregate of 151.
Clare-Marie was officially placed third with the best first round of the trio (a 74). Claire Hargan's better last nine earned her third place ahead of Fiona Lockhart.
Par 148 (2 x 74). CSS 74 75.
148 J Wilson (Strathaven) 70 78.
150 L Murray (Alford) 71 79.
151 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) 77 74 (better second round), C Hargan (Mortonhall) 72 79 (better last nine), F Lockhart (St Regulus) 72 79.
152 V Melvin (Reunion, Florida) 73 79, R Niven (Crieff) 73 79.
153 M Thomson (McDonald Ellon) 77 76, C Macdonald (Gullane) 77 76.
154 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 79 75

Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) received an additional scratch prize for here second round of 75 (to players outwith main list):
Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

Friday, July 20, 2007

Megan loses to Carly Booth in the Scottish Under 18's Final

Megan Briggs, Carly Booth and Ainsley Reid Salver winner Gabrielle MacDonald (Prestonfield) - (click to enlarge)
From left to right : Megan Briggs, Carly Booth and Ainsley Reid Salver winner Gabrielle MacDonald (Prestonfield) - Photo Courtesy of Cal Carson Golf Agency

Carly Booth (Comrie) beat Renfrewshire County Champiom Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) by 2 and 1 in the final of the Scottish girls championship over Peterhead Golf Club's Craigewan links this morning.
Megan went one up with a birdie at the eighth, her second of the outward half, which she reached in two-under-par 35.
Carly Booth was still one down after 11 holes but the next three holes swung her way as Megan bogeyed the 12th and 13th and Carly birdied the long 14th with a two-putt 4.
Halves at the next three holes made Carly the winner by 2 and 1 with three under par figures. Megan was one under par.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Megan is in the Scottish Under 18 Final

It's top seed Carly Booth, 15 years old from Comrie, against 17-year-old Renfrewshire County Champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm), the No 3 qualifier, in what could be a classic final of the Scottish girls' championship over Peterhead Golf Club's Craigewan links on Friday morning (tee off 9am).

Megan produced a hole in one at the 16th in beating the North's last hope, 15-year-old Sammy Vass (Tain), by 2 and 1 in the second semi-final.

Carly birdied the 16th and 17th to clinch a 3 and 1 win over Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) in the first semi final

Quarter-finals – C Booth (Comrie) bt R Watson (Elie & Earlsferry) 4 and 2, P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) bt E Muirhead (Pitlochry) 4 and 3, M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) 1 hole, S Vass (Tain) bt J Sneddon (Alyth) 4 and 3.

Semi-finals – Booth bt Pretswell 3 and 1, Briggs bt Vass 2 and 1

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Megan thro' to last 8 in the Scottish Under 18 Championships

Renfrewshire County Champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) reached the last 8 of the Scottish Under 18 Championships today with 2 very good wins.
Younger sister Eilidh won her first round tie and then had to play and lost out to the Lanarkshire County Champion Pamela Pretswell.
Natasha Qayam (Ranfurly Castle) lost to the East of Scotland Girls Champion Midlothians County Team player Jane Turner.
Here are all the results:
First round
C Booth (Comrie) bt A Mitchell (Hawick) 8 and 7, R Wilson (Monifieth) bt I Craigie (Torwoodlee) 4 and 3, J Meldrum (Dullatur) bt G Simpson (Murrayfield) 1 hole, R Watson (Elie & Earlsferry Ladies) bt R McIntyre (Eden) 6 and 5, L Hunter (Dalmahoy) bt L Meldrum (Dullatur) 8 and 7, E Muirhead (Pitlochry) bt R McQueen (Troon Bentinck Ladies) 9 and 7, E Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt J Graham (Southerness) 3 and 1,P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) bt M Aird (Strathmore) 8 and 7.
M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt C Easton (Dalmahoy) 7 and 6, E MacKay (Nairn Dunbar) bt G Monteith (Portpatrick Dunskey) 1 hole, S Leslie (Westhill) bt R Watton (Mortonhall) 2 and 1, K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) bt M Johnstone (Northern) 9 and 7, S Vass (Tain) bt L McGillivray (Old Meldrum) 7 and 6, L MacCallum (McDonald Ellon) bt G Scanlan (Hamilton) at 20th, J Sneddon (Alyth) bt A Niven (Crieff) 4 and 2, J Turner (Mortonhall) bt N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 6 and 5.

Second round
Booth bt Wilson 4 and 2, Watson bt J Meldrum 5 and 3, Muirhead bt Hunter 5 and 3, Pretswell bt E Briggs 6 and 5, M Briggs bt MacKay 4 and 3, MacDonald bt Leslie 6 and 4, S Vass bt L McCallum 4 and 3, Sneddon bt Turner 4 and 2.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scottish Girls' (Close) Amateur Championship - Qualifying rounds

Carly Booth, arguably the most exciting teenage prospect in Scottish amateur golf, shot a memorable nine-under-par round of 64 on her way to leading the qualifiers by six strokes for the match-play stages of the Scottish Under-18 girls’ match-play championship over Peterhead Golf Club’s Craigewan links today.
Renfrewshire Champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) was the 3rd qualifier with an excellent second round of 71 --- 2 under the CSS
Congratulations also go to Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) and Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) who also qualified for the main Championship

CSS Round 1 - 73, Round 2 - 73
Leading Scores:
Carly Booth Comrie 64 73 137
Jane Turner Mortonhall 71 72 143
Megan Briggs Kilmacolm 75 71 146
Pamela Pretswell Bothwell Castle 74 74 148
Lindsey Hunter Dalmahoy 78 72 150
Kelsey MacDonald Nairn Dunbar 78 74 152
Sammy Vass Tain 78 74 152
Rebecca Watson Elie & Earlsferry Ladies 71 83 154
Gillian Simpson Murrayfield 83 73 156
Lauren MacCallum McDonald 81 75 156
Samantha Leslie Westhill 79 77 156
Eve Muirhead Pitlochry 80 77 157
Eilidh Briggs Kilmacolm 79 78 157

Other West of Scotland Players:
Rachael McQueen Troon Bentinck Ladies 79 85 164
Gillian Scanlan Hamilton 83 84 167
Jill Meldrum Dullatur 81 86 167
Lauren Meldrum Dullatur 88 82 170
Natasha Qayum Ranfurly Castle 87 88 175
Alyson McKechin Elderslie 89 87 176
Hannah Gaunt Troon Bentinck Ladies 100 83 183

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eilidh Briggs Wins Scottish Under 14 Girls Title

Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm), who started the week by becoming Renfrewshire's youngest-ever women's county team player, ended it by winning her first national title - the Scottish Under-14 girls' championship, played in pouring rain at Brunston Castle, Ayrshire.
Eilidh, who plays off five and recently, at the age of 13, retained the Janice Moodie Trophy - Windyhill's open competition for girls, had a gross score of 78 to win the Carrie Cup at Brunston Castle.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Renfrewshire just lose out to Lanarkshire


Dunbartonshire & Argyll, who have not won the Scottish title since 1997, have joined the other divisional champions, Aberdeenshire, Dumfries-shire and Midlothian, in the Scottish women’s county golf finals at Tulliallan Golf Club from August 31 to September 2.
They won the West Division women’s team championship at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club today, clinching the title with a 7-2 win over Ayrshire while Lanarkshire were beating the defending champions, Renfrewshire, 5-4.
D&A started the three-day programme by drawing with Lanarkshire but they won their next two matches, beating Renfrewshire on Tuesday, to finish with 2 1/2pt out of three.
Lanarkshire were runners-up with 1 1/2pt while Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire both finished with one point.
Ayrshire resisted the D&A victory roll in the morning foursomes which were shared but it was one-way traffic in the afternoon singles. Kylie Walker, Judy Galbraith, Jill Meldrum, Anne Laing and Sara Bishop won for D&A and Gemma Webster halved the other tie.
Three times Scottish champion Anne Laing was D&A’s top performer with 4 1/2pt out of six, closely followed by Sara Bishop with 4pt out of five.
But the players who gained the most points over the three days were teenager Megan Briggs and Claire-Marie Carlton, both of Renfrewshire. Megan won six out of six ties, while Claire-Marie had 5pt out of six to her credit.Final day details:
Foursomes: L Hendry & M MacPherson halved with J Meldrum & A Laing; D Watt & R Purdom lost to S Cadden & H Faulds 3 and 2; C Malcolm & L Keohone bt K Walker & G Webster 2 and 1 (1 ½-1 ½).
Singles: Hendry lost to Walker 3 and 2, L Willkiamson halved with Webster, Watt lost to J Galbraith 3 and 2, R McQueen lost to Meldrum 1 hole, Keohone lost to Laing 5 and 3, Malcolm lost to S Bishop 5 and 4 (1/2-5 ½)).
Foursomes: E Cuthill & P Pretswell lost to M Briggs & C-M Carlton 1 hole; A Hendry & S Wood halved with D Jackson & G Kyle; L Lloyd & M Hughes bt E Briggs & G McGinlay 2 and 1 (1 ½-1 ½).
Singles: Pretswell lost to M Briggs 2 holes, R Rankin bt Carlton 4 and 3, Wood bt Jackson 3 and 2, A Devine bt Kyle 1 hole, Cuthill lost to McGinlay 3 and 2, Lloyd halved with E Briggs (3 ½-2 ½).
1 Dunbartonshire & Argyll (2 ½ pt), 2 Lanarkshire (1 ½ pt), 3 Renfrewshire and Ayrshire (both 1pt).
Thanks go to Colin Farquarson for the report
To see some photos from Day 3 Play click on the photo below:
County Matches Day 3

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Renfrewshire just lose out to D&A

Renfrewshire looked well on their way to a second win when they led D&A 2-1 after the foursomes and then took the top two singles through Megan Briggs and Claire-Marie Carlton.
But D&A wrapped up the last four singles for a notable come-from-behind victory through Sara Bishop, Anne Laing, Gemma Webster and Kylie Walker.However, both Gillian McGinlay and Donna Jackson fought to the bitter end with both just losing out on the 18th green
Ayrshire led Lanarkshire 2-1 after the foursomes and then won the top two singles through Lesley Hendry and Debbie Watt. Catherine Malcolm got Ayrshire’s clinching point.
Day 2 results:
Foursomes: E Cuthill & P Pretswell lost to L Hendry & M MacPherson 1 hole; S Wood & A Hendry lost to D Watt & R Purdom 4 and 3; M Hughes & L Lloyd bt C Malcolm & R McQueen 5 and 3 (1-2).
Singles: Pretswell lost to Hendry 2 and 1, Cuthill lost to Watt 4 and 2, Wood bt Purdom 2 and 1, R Rankin bt MacPherson 1 hole, Hughes lost to Malcolm 4 and 2, A Devine bt McQueen 2 and 1 (3-3).
Foursomes: A Laing & S Bishop lost to M Briggs & C-M Carlton 5 and 4; S Cadden & J Galbraith lost to D Jackson & G Kyle 6 and 5; K Walker & G Webster bt G McGinlay & J Wilson 5 and 3 (1-2).
Singles: J Meldrum lost to M Briggs 4 and 2, H Faulds lost to Carlton 4 and 3, Bishop bt G Mullen 7 and 5, Laing bt Kyle 3 and 2, Webster bt McGinlay 1 hole, Walker bt Jackson 1 hole (4-2).
Here are a few photos taken at todays play --- click on the photo below and use the back bar on your toolbar to come back to this page.
County Matches Day 2

Thanks go to Colin Farquarson for the report

Monday, July 09, 2007

Renfrewshire win against Ayrshire

Defending champions Renfrewshire were the only team to make a winning start to the West Division women’s inter-county team golf championship at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club today.
They beat Ayrshire 5-4 after taking the foursomes 2-1. The singles were shared 3-3.
Renfrewshire won three of the first four singles to gain a winning lead through Megan Briggs,Claire-Marie Carlton and Gillian Kyle.

Foursomes: M Briggs & C-M Carlton bt L Hendry & M MacPherson 2 and 1; E Briggs & G McGinlay lost to D Watt & R Purdom 3 and 2; D Jackson & G Kyle bt C Maqlcolm & R McQueen 5 and 3 (2-1).
Singles: M Briggs bt Hendry 4 and 3, Carlton bt L Williamson 8 and 7, Jackson lost to Purdom 1 hole, Kyle bt L Keohone 2 and 1, McGinlay lost to Malcolm 5 and 4, J Wilson lost to Watt 4 and 3 (3-3).

Foursomes: E Cuthill & P Pretswell bt K Walker & G Webster 2 holes; S Wood & A Hendry bt S Cadden & J Meldrum 2 and 1; M Hughes & L Lloyd lost to A Laing & S Bishop 2 holes (2-1).
Singles: Pretswell bt Walker 3 and 2, Wood bt Webster 2 and 1, Cuthill lost to H Faulds 4 and 3, A Devine halved with J Galbraith, R Rankin lost to Bishop 3 and 1,
Hendry lost to Laing 5 and 4 (2 ½-3 ½).

Here are some photos from todays play --- click on the photo of Megan and caddy Gerald Bunting
Inter County Matches Day 1

Friday, July 06, 2007

Clare - Marie does well in the British Universities Strokeplay

Claire-Marie Carlton finished joint fourth in the British Universities Strokeplay at Slaley Hall Golf Club, Hexham in Northumbria today with fellow Scot Emma Fairnie (Edinburgh) on 243.
It was another bad day for good scoring - showers, a strong wind and a rain-soaked course with absolutely no run on the fairways.
The next time most of these competitors will meet on a golf course will be the British University Sports Association home internationals in August.
238 Chloe Rogers (Bucks Chilterns) 83 75 80.
239 Laura Murray (Robert Gordon) 82 76 81, Lucinda Davies (Birmingham) 79 81 79.
243 Claire-Marie Carlton (Stirling) 81 77 85, Emma Fairnie (Edinburgh) 85 76 82.
247 Louise Coffey (Ulster) 69 78 80.
248 Rachel Cassidy (Stirling) 80 84 84.
252 Nikki Hunter (Northumbria) 86 78 88.
254 Melanie Temple (Exeter) 81 83 90.

Eilidh Briggs Wins the Janice Moodie Trophy

Eilidh Briggs, 13-year-old Kilmacolm Golf Club junior member, won the Janice Moodie Trophy for the second year in a row at the girls’ open tournament, sponsored by the Glasgow-born LPGA player, at her former home golf club of Windyhill.
The trophy goes to the player with the lowest net score from all three age group categories and Eilidh, pictured left, had a very good net 71 off five of a handicap over a wet course with very little run on the fairways.
Eilidh’s older sister Megan won the 15 to 17 years’ section with a net 78. Kirsten Scott (Windyhill) won the 10 to 14 years category with a net 72 off 13 and Jennifer Linklater (Largs) was best in the 18 to 21 years group with a net 78 off eight of a handicap.
Ayrshire women’s county champion Lesley Hendry (Routenburn) won the best scratch score award with a 79, pipping Megan Briggs, who also had a gross 79, on the better inward half.
Par 72. CSS 73.
Janice Moodie Trophy (best overall net) – Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) (5) 71.
Best scratch – Lesley Hendry (Routenburn) 79 better inward half (Megan Briggs, Kilmacolm, also 79).
10 to 14 years
Kirsten Scott (Windyhill) (13) 72; Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) (14) 74; Kirsty Simpson (Murrayfield) (27) 78.
15 to 17 years
Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) (1) 78; Clare Bain(St Michaels) (19) 88.
18 to 21 years
Jennifer Linklater (Largs) (8) 78.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July County Medal - Whitecraigs

Played over Whitecraigs on July 4th 2007
Entries 40 SSS:72 CSS:75

Handicap: Scratch - 12
1st Dorothy Yates Cowglen 80-8-72
2nd Beth Paterson Eastwood 82-8-74
3rd Fiona Roger Ranfurly Castle 88-12-76

Handicap: 13 and upwards
1st Dorothy Belch Skelmorlie 91-18-73
2nd Irene Stewart Kilmacolm 93-17-76
3rd Linda Hay Eastwood 92-15-77

Scratch: Dorothy Yates Cowglen 80

Friday, June 29, 2007

Eilidh is the Top RLCGA Player at the Scottish Under 21's

Carly Booth from Comrie won the Scottish Under-21 girls’ open amateur stroke-play championship by nine strokes at Auchterarder Golf Club today.

Despite dropping three shots late on in her final round, including a double-bogey at the par-3 last where she was plugged in a bunker, Carly won by the runaway margin of nine strokes from Robert Gordon University student Laura Murray (Alford) and Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle).
Par 210 (3 x 70) CSS 73 72 72
207 C Booth (Comrie) 70 68 69.
216 L Murray (Alford) 76 71 69, K Walker (Buchanan Castle) 75 69 72.
Other RLCGA Players:
231 E Briggs (Kilmacolm) 76 77 78.
234 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 87 72 75, C-M Carlton (Fereneze) 76 75 83.
260 A McKechin (Elderslie) 88 85 87,
265 N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 87 93 85.

Scottish Under 21's Stroke Play Championship

Comrie’s Carly Booth streaked six shots clear of the field after 36 holes of the Scottish Under-21 girls’ open stroke-play championship at Auchterarder Golf Club, Perthshire today.

First Round Leading Scores
Par 140 (2 x 70). SS 72. First round CSS 73.

138 C Booth (Comrie) 70 68.
144 K Walker (Buchanan Castle) 75 69.
147 L Murray (Alford) 76 71.
150 E Alonso (France) 75 75, M Thomson (McDonald Ellon) 76 74, K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) 77 73, E Muirhead (Pitlochry)
151 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) 76 75.

Others RLCGA Scores:

153 E Briggs (Kilmacolm) 76 77.
159 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 87 72,
173 A McKechin (Elderslie) 88 85
180 N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 87 93

Friday, June 22, 2007

RLCGA County Team for County Jamboree

The team to represent Renfrewshire at the forthcoming West of Scotland Inter County Matches 9th – 11th July, at Prestwick St. Nicholas Golf Club has been announced.
Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm)
Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm)
Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze)
Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle)
Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire)
Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle)
Lesley Robertson (Ranfurly Castle)
Julie Wilson (Williamwood)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Renfrewshire Girls are Runners Up in the Kennedy Salver

The 2007 Kennedy Salver Team
Renfrewshire girls were runners-up to Ayrshire yesterday at Cowglen GC in the Kennedy Salver. With the new format of foursomes in the morning then singles in the afternoon against all 3 other counties, it was very close and the last 2 games on the course decided the overall result! The Renfrewshire girls had tremendous team spirit, were a credit to their Clubs on and off the course and seemed to enjoy their day.

Results Winners Ayrshire 7 pts
R-up Renfrewshire 5.5pts
3rd Dumbartonshire & Argyll 3.5 pts
4th Lanarkshire 2 pts

Renfrewshire's individual results

Alyson McKechin and Catherine Conejo lost to Linzi Allan & Gillian Arnott (Ayrshire) 2and 1
Natasha Qayum & Lesley Cosh beat Jill & Lauren Meldrum(D&A)
Nicky Wilson and Alison Howie beat Emma Caddow & Nicole Benson (Lanarkshire) 3 and 1

Catherine Conejo Beat Gillian Arnott (Ayrshire) 2 and 1
Nicky Wilson beat Kerrie Differ (D&A) 2 holes
Lesley Cosh beat Anna Paton (Lanarkshire) 2 holes
Alyson McKechin lost to Kirstin Scott (D&A) 5 and 3
Natasha Qayum halved with Mhairi McKay (Ayrshire)
Saorcha Warren lost to Jennifer Black (Lanarkshire) 2 and 1

Many thanks to all the ladies who came to support the girls and help me with the day-Extra special thanks to Beth and Dorothy Yates who were there ALL day and without whom I would not have coped!! Also, thank you to all the girls who practised so hard and to their parents for all their support.- it's much appreciated.
Thanks also go to Cowglen GC for courtesy of their course and clubhouse on Monday. I don't know if the members knew what had hit them on a normally quiet day of the week!
Gillian Kyle (Junior Secretary)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

European Seniors Ladies Amateur Championship --- Day 3

The final round of the European Seniors Ladies Amateur Championship was played today at the Old Course Vilamoura - Portugal. Former Curtis Cup Player Maureen Richmond (nee Walker) had an excellent last round of 74 to tie with Helen Faulds (Douglas Park).
Fiona De Fries (St Rule) the 2006 Scottish Seniors Champion finished 6th and was the best placed Scot
Scottish Results:
231 Fiona De Fries (St Rule)78,75,78.
238 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)82,77,79
238 Maureen Richmond (Kilmacolm)78,84,76
240 Pamela Williamson (Babrerton) 80,74,86
244 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 82,83, 79
245 Sheilagh Quinn (Stirling)82,82,81
260 Barbara Biggart (Kilmacolm)86, 87,87
261 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 88,89,84

To see all the scores click on the link below (Also click on the underlined players to see their hole by hole scoring) --- clever stuff !!!

European Seniors Final Result

Friday, June 15, 2007

European Seniors Ladies Amateur Championship --- Day 2

Maureen Richmond (Kilmacolm)had an 84 in the the European Seniors Ladies Amateur Championship at the Old Course Vilamoura - Portugal
Scottish Results:
153 Fiona De Fries (St Rule) 78,75.
154 Pamela Williamson(Baberton) 80,74.
159 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 82,77.
162 Maureen Richmond (Kilmacolm) 78,84.
165 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier)82,83
173 Barbara Biggart (Kilmacolm) 86, 87.
177 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 88,89
To see all the scores click on the link below

European Seniors Results after the 2nd Round

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maureen Richmond is leading Scot in Portugal

Honorary RLCGA member Maureen Richmond (nee Walker) --- Kilmacolm is in 10th position after the 1st round In the the European Ladies Amateur Championships played over the Old Course at Vilamoura in Portugal,
All Scottish Scores (Round 1)
78 Maureen Richmond (Kilmacolm) Fiona De Fries (St Rule)
80 Pam Williamson (Baberton)
82 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
86 Barbara Biggart (Kilmacolm)
88 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle)
To see all the scores for Day 1 click here :

European Seniors Day 1 Results

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Megan wins the Munross Trophy

RLCGA County Champion Megan Briggs, (Kilmacolm)became one of the youngest winners of the Munross Trophy over the Montrose Links medal course today.
Megan, had scores of 70 and 73 for a total of 143 against a combined CSS of 146 (73 both rounds) to win the SLGA Order of Merit event by two shots from another teenage county champion from the West, Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), the Lanarkshire women’s title-holder.
Pamela, three shots behind Megan after the first round, could make up only one of them with a second-round 72 for 146.
Lesley Hendry (Routenburn) won the best second-round gross award with a 74 (better inward half).

143 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 70 73.
145 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) 73 72.
146 M Thomson (McDonald Ellon) 74 72.
149 J Carthew (Ladybank) 76 73, K Harper (Inverness) 73 76, C MacDonald (Gullane Ladies) 75 74.
153 E Fairnie (Dunbar) 79 74.
156 E Lowery-Gold (Eaton) 77 79, A Hunter (Monifieth) 80 76, L Hendry (Routenburn) 80 76.
158 J Jenkins (Ralston) 81 77.
159 A Bushby (Strathmore) 77 82, D Dewar (Monifieth) 78 81, F Blair (Monifieth) 84 75.
162 L Rolland (Dunfermline) 80 82.
163 R Rankin (Lanark) 82 81, J Grubb (Montrose Mercantile Ladies) 83 80.
164 J Linklater (Largs) 81 83, J Meldrum (Dullatur) 84 80.
167 M Easton (Dalmahoy) 81 86.
170 A Niven (Crieff) 82 88.
172 F Sinclair (Carnoustie Caledonia) 86 86.
178 C Easton (Dalmahoy) 89 89.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Played over Lochwinnoch on 7th June 2007, Entries 22, SSS:72, CSS:74
Handicap: Scratch - 12
1st Cathy Morton (Eastwood) 85-10-75
2nd Lorraine Morrow (Erskine) 84-7-77 (bih)
3rd Denise Cowan (Cochrane Castle) 86-9-77
Handicap: 13 and Upwards
1st Dorothy Belch (Skelmorlie) 92-18-74 (bih)
2nd Maureen Cook (Lochwinnoch) 87-13-74
3rd Jan McNab (Ranfurly Castle) 91-13-78
Scratch: Lorraine Morrow 84
MEDAL FINALS: Winner: Lorraine Morrow

Monday, June 04, 2007

Renfrewshire Girls Win against Lanarkshire

Renfrewshire Girls had a successful match against Lanarkshire.

On Sunday 3rd June, Renfrewshire Girls played Lanarkshire at Cambuslang Golf Club on a very damp, thundery day. This 9 hole course was in perfect order and was a very good venue for a girls' match Being a strange course to all the girls, it was ideal to play the 9 holes twice rather than 18 new ones.The plan was to play foursomes to practise for the Kennedy Salver. (1 game was a singles game as Renfrewshire could only field 7 players)


(Renfrewshire girls first)
Heather Conejo beat Jennifer Black -3 and 2
Catherine Conejo & Alyson McKechin halved with Jennifer Gemmell and Abigail Gliksten
Lesley Cosh and Natasha Qayum beat Nicola McLuckie and Kirsty Hogg -6 and 4
Alison Howie and Heather Howie lost to Emma Caddow and Nicole Benson -6and 5

Our thanks go to Margaret Noblett for organising the game and Cambuslang GC for the courtesy of the course.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our Webmaster takes a holiday

Have noted that our efficient Webmaster Carol is heading for sunny Spain tomorrow . She deserves a well earned rest and we look forward to hearing her golfing stories on her return!

I am looking forward to the medal at Lochwinnoch next week. Results will be posted on the RLCGA Hot News Page and full details will be available on the HowDidIDo website.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Inter County Foursomes Finals

Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle) and Maureen Skinner (Gourock) won the top prize at the Inter County Foursomes Finals at Douglas Park today. They posted a Gross 80 which was the best of the day. Congratulations also go to Donna Jackson and Alison McGinngle (Cochrane Castle) who were 3rd in the scratch section and to Shirley McKnight and Valerie MacKinnon (Old Ranfurly) who were 3rd in the Handicap section.
Gillian McGinlay and Maureen Skinner (RLCGA)Played today at Douglas Park Golf Club - Thursday 31st May 2007

First Scratch - Gillian McGinlay and Maureen Skinner (Renfrewshire) 80
Second Scratch - Alex Glennie and Anne Edgar (Ayrshire) 81
Third Scratch - Donna Jackson and Alison McGinnigle(Renfrewshire) 82 bih

First Handicap - Enid Young and Fiona Cowan (D & A) 76.5
Second Handicap - Hilda Everett and Margo Paterson (Lanarkshire) 77
Third Handicap - Shirley McKnight and Valerie MacKinnon (Renfrewshire)77.5 bih
Thanks go to Jean Campbell (D&A) for the results and Helen Faulds (D&A) for the Photograph

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Junior Team for Kennedy Salver announced

With Eilidh Briggs having been selected for the senior team this year, there are a few new names in our Junior Team

Catherine Conejo-Williamwood
Lesley Cosh-Cowglen
Alison Howie-Whitecraigs
Alyson McKechin-Elderslie
Natasha Qayum-Ranfurly Castle
Nicky Wilson-Whitecraigs
Saorcha Warren-Eastwood-reserve

We are beginning our countdown to June 18th with a practice and meeting at MCGA on May 31st.The Kennedy Salver has a new format this year which involves foursomes and singles in a round-robin format against every other county-all in one day!

On June 3rd, we are playing a “friendly” match at Cambuslang GC against Lanarkshire. We are hoping to play 8 aside that day so Heather Conejo and Heather Howie are also playing to gain some experience for future years.

The following weekend, some of the girls will have a practice round at Cowglen, others on the Tuesday, then a course walk round Cowglen with Dorothy Yates as our expert guideon the Wednesday! There is so much golf on for the girls just now, never mind exams, hockey, athletics, tennis,Duke of Edinburgh trips etc.

I will be telephoning our “volunteers” to organise duties for the 18th over the next couple of weeks and am grateful for all their willingness.

I hope to report another triumph for the girls in a few weeks time.

Gillian Kyle

Monday, May 28, 2007

Megan is 3rd in the Ness Open

Renfrewshire county champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) was a creditable joint 3rd in the Ness Open SLGA Order of Merit 36-hole event at Inverness Golf Club yesterday (Sunday). Both Megan and younger sister Eilidh had made the long trip up north to play in the event

Par 144 (2 x 72). CSS 73 72
143 M Thomson (McDonald Ellon) 72 71.
144 K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) 74 70.
146 R Niven (Crieff) 76 70, M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 74 72.

Other RLCGA Players:
163 E Briggs (Kilmacolm) 78 85.

Class 1 (0-7)
140 Annabel Niven (Crieff) (7) 68 72.
146 Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) (scr) 74 72 (better second round).
146 Sammy Vass (Tain) (5) 72 74.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Meeting / May Medal --- Old Ranfurly

Played over Old Ranfurly on 9th May 2007 , Entries 39, SSS 72, CSS 73
Handicap: Scratch - 12:
1st Merope Dunlop Old Ranfurly 85, 11, 74(bih)
2nd Maureen Skinner Gourock 79, 5, 74
3rd Maureen Cook Lochwinnoch 88, 12, 76

Hnadicap 13 and Upwards
1st Shirley McKnight Old Ranfurly 83, 14, 69
2nd Maureen Taggart Old Ranfurly 96, 14, 72
3rd Lindsay Mathie Cochrane Castle 89, 16, 73

Scratch: Maureen Skinner (Gourock) 79
May Medal -- Overall Winner - Shirley McKnight (Old Ranfurly) net 69

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Inter County Foursomes - Elderslie

1st: Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle) and Maureen Skinner (Gourock) 78
2nd: Donna Jackson and Alison McGinngle (Cochrane Castle) 80
3rd: Pearl Orr and Paula McBride (Cochrane Castle) 81

1st: Vivien Howe and Sheila Gray (Ranfurly Castle) (19) 67.5
2nd: Pearl Orr and Paula McBride (Cochrane Castle) 81 (11) 70
3rd: Shirley McKnight and Valerie McKinnon (Old Ranfurly) (13) 73 bih
4th: Kay Black (Paisley) and Jane Biggart (Ranfurly Castle) (20) 73

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Megan Briggs is the 2007 RLCGA Champion

Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) has retained the Renfrewshire women’s golf championship she won for the first time at the age of 16 last year.
At Erskine Golf Club, Megan, who qualified in fourth position, beat 10 times record county champion Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle), the leading qualifier, for the second year in a row, this time by 4 and 3 in the morning semi-final instead of in the final.
In the final Megan beat Stirling University student Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), who won the title in 2003, by one hole in a very tight match. They were all square after 16 holes. Then Megan won the 17th and halved the last to be champion again.
Clare-Marie, the No2 qualifier, had beaten the No 3 seed, Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) by 3 and 1 in her semi-final.
Semi-finals – M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt D Jackson (Cochrane Castle) 4 and 3, C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bt G Kyle (East Renfrewshire) 3 and 1.
Final – Briggs bt Carlton 1 hole

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

County Championship -- Day 1 Results

Defending champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) will meet record-setting 10 times champion Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle), the No 1 qualifier, in the first of this morning's (Thu) semi-finals of the Renfrewshire women's county golf championship at Erskine Golf Club.
It will be a repeat of last year's final in which the 17-year-old Megan beat Donna by 6 and 5 with five birdies in 13 holes.
In the other semi-final, Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) will play Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), the 2003 county champion and No 2 qualifier this week.
The semi-finals will tee off at 9.30 and 9.45 with the final at 2pm.

First round - D Jackson (Cochrane Castle) bt B Biggart (Kilmacom) 5 and 4, J McCartney (Erskine) bt A Judge (Ranfurly Castle) 1 hole, L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle) bt Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) 5 and 4, M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt L Morrow (Erskine) 4 and 3, G Kyle (East Renfrewshire) bt F Campbell (Erskine) 7 and 6, S Smyth (Ranfurly Castle) bt C Fell (Ranfurly Castle) at 19th ,G McGinlay (Cochrane Castle) bt Denise Cowan (Cochrane Castle) 8 and 7, C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bt L McDougall (Greenock)1 hole.
Quarter-finals - Jackson bt McCartney 5 and 4, M Briggs bt Robertson 3 and 1, Kyle bt Smyth 4 and 3, Carlton bt McGinlay 4 and 3.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Donna Jackson leads the 2007 County Championship Qualifier ---

Erskine Golf Club.
SSS 73. CSS 76
74 D Jackson (Cochrane Castle).
77 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bih, G Kyle (East Renfrewshire).
79 M Briggs (Kilmacolm).
82 L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle).
85 C Fell (Ranfurly Castle), bih, Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle).
86 J McCartney (Erskine).
87 A Judge (Ranfurly Castle) bih, D Cowan (Cochrane Castle).
88 S Smyth (Ranfurly Castle) bih, E Briggs (Kilmacolm) better last hole, L Morrow (Erskine) (bih), F Campbell (Erskine).
89 L McDougall (Greenock).
90 B Biggart (Kilmacolm).
First round: 9.15 Jackson v Biggart, Judge v McCartney. 9.30 Robertson v E Briggs, Morrow v M Briggs, Kyle v Campbell, Smith v Fell. 10.0 McGinlay v Cowan, McDougall v Carlton.
Quarter-finals: 1.15 to 2pm.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Medal (Gourock)

The April Medal was played today at Gourock
33 entrants : SSS 73 CSS 75

Scratch: Sarah Kirby 79

H'Cap Scr - 12, Entrants 17
1st Sarah Kirby Ranfurly Castle 79 10 69
2nd Cathy Morton Eastwood 84 9 75
3rd Maureen Skinner Gourock 81 5 76

H'Cap 13 - 28, Entrants 16
1st Liz Williamson Ranfurly Castle 88 17 71
2nd Lindsay Mathie Cochrane Castle 91 16 75
3rd Lynn Forsyth Paisley 90 14 76

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Megan is Runner Up in Leveret Trophy,Formby Links

Megan Briggs [Kilmacolm] was runner up in this years Leveret Trophy played over a bright but very windy Formby Links today
A quality field ,including many Internationals,found a course in excellent condition but very testing and saw the CSS in round 1 increase to 74 and 75 in round 2 [SS72].
Leading players
Laura Jones[Royal Liverpool] 75+74 149
Megan Briggs[Kilmacolm] 76+74 150
Rhian Thomas [Vale of Glamorgan] 74+76 150
Naomi Edwards [Ganton]72 +78 150
Louisa Stirling[Formby ladies] 72+79 151
Tara Watters [Muswell Hill] 75 +77 152
Breanne Loucks [Wrexham] 77+76 153
Stephanie Evans [Vale of Llangollen] 77+ 76 153
Emma Duggleby [Malton and Norton] 75+78 153
Samantha Birks [Wolstanton] 78+ 76 154

Friday, February 23, 2007

Maureen Richmond is Runner Up in Spanish Seniors

The Italian François Colmant became the Spanish Seniors Champion today at the Club of Golf of Bonalba (Alicante). A final round of 79 , which was one better than her first round and one less than the total by RLCGA's Maureen Richmond (Kilmacolm)
Maureen who was the leader after day one had a chance to force a play-off by sinking a putt on the last green. However it was not to be and the Italian won by one shot.

Final Results
1 - François Colmant (ITA) 157 (78+79)
2. - Maureen Richmond (SCO) 158 (77+81)
3. - Ana Vilella (SPA) 161 (80+81)
Other Scots:
13 - P Williamson (Baberton) 166 (83+83)
15 - J Paterson (Drumpellier) 167 (83+84)
21 - H Faulds (Douglas Park) 171 (87+84)
57 - B Biggart (Kilmacolm) 181 (93+88)
63 - F Roger (Ranfurly Castle) 184 (94+90)
75 - J Mack (Haggs Castle) 192 (97+95)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Megan Briggs goes to Winter Training in Spain

The SLGA is holding its annual Winter Training Camp in Pals, Northern Spain from March 10-24 2007. The training will be led by the newly appointed SLGA National Coach, Kevin Craggs. Players from the Senior SLGA squads have been invited to attend for one of the two weeks. Those available to attend are:

Week 1 - March 10th -17th 2007

Emma Fairnie, Kerri Harper, Lesley Hendry, Edwina Lowrey-Gold, Kelsey MacDonald, Gillian Monteith, Laura Murray, Jane Turner, Rebecca Watson and Rebecca Wilson

Week 2 - March 17th - 24th 2007

Sara Bishop, Carly Booth, Megan Briggs, Krystle Caithness, Rachael Livingstone, Fiona Lockhart, Pamela Pretswell, Sammy Vass, Kylie Walke and Jenna Wilson

Jennifer Jenkins - Scottish Girls Team Captain

The SLGA is pleased to announce the Team Captains for 2007.European Ladies Team - Lesley Johnston
European Girls Team - Jennifer Jenkins (RLCGA)
European Senior Team - Pam Gordon
Ladies Home International Team - Jayne Smith
Girls Home International Team - Katrina Milne

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maureen and Barbara are Runners Up in Spanish Seniors "Doubles"

The Spanish partnership of Marta Estany and Vicky Pertierra won the Senior Womens "Doubles" Championship today at the Club of Golf of Bonalba, in Alicante. On a day that was cloudy and very windy the scoring was exceedingly difficult. Congratulations go to RLCGA's Maureen Richmond and Barbara Biggart on their tremendous achievement in just missing out on the big win by 1 or 2 shots and ended up being 3rd overall 1 shot behind the Spanish winners

Maureen Richmond and Barbara Biggart
FINAL Scores. - Marta Estany (ESP) /Vicky Pertierra (ESP) 156 (75+81)
2. - Cristina Marsans (ESP) /Beatriz Ramirez de Haro (ESP) 157 (77+80) (Better 2nd round)
3. - Barbara Biggart (SCO) /Maureen Richmond (SCO) 157 (75+82)
4- Erika Annison (SWE) /Edeltraut Jacob (GER) 157 (73+84)

Other Scots:

7 - Pamela Williamson and Diane Williams (Can) 161 (80+81)
12 - Helen Faulds and Janice Paterson 164 (80+84)
29 - Jennifer Mack anfd Fiona Roger 175 (87+88)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Eilidh Briggs selected for Scottish Under 16's

Eilidh Briggs
Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) has been selected by the SLGA to represent Scotland in the above Scottish Girls Under 16 Stroke play Championship to be played at Craigielaw on the 5th and 6th April 2007.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 2007 SLGA AGM

Ethel Jack
The SLGA AGM took place at the Quality Hotel in Perth today.
The meeting opened with a minutes silence in memory for Jessie Valentine and Kathleen McNeil who both passed away in the last year

The AGM was very long with the audience being informed of all the changes to the SLGA who are now a Limited Company

Belle Robertson and Toni Moffat were both elected as Vice Presidents to the SLGA for services rendered to golf

A detailed explanation of the current financial situation and future projection by Finance Director Dr Lynne Terry, resulted in a majority voting for an increase in annual subscription to £10 per club member.

Ethel Jack, from Midlothian was elected President and Aberdeenshire's Margaret McNaughton took over as Chairman of the Board. Winfred McCallum from Stirling and Clackmannan replaced Margaret Rodgers, and Helen Cuthbertson from Borders replaced Isobel Fairlie as Board members.
At the end of the meeting LGU Deputy Councillor, Shona Malcolm, gave a status report of the One Plan for Golf and Club Golf initiatives.

Also of note was that the SLGA has appointed the highly respected PGA professional KEVIN CRAGGS as their new national coach as they aim to further improve the skills of their talented young stars.
Kevin, who also doubles as the Daily Record’s Golf Doctor, a teacher for Bunkered Magazine and a commentator for BBC Radio Scotland, can’t wait to get to work helping Scotland’s best women golfers to lower their score on the course.
Kevin, who has coached several top professional golfers and was recently voted one of the top 25 golf coaches in the UK and Ireland by Golf Monthly, said: “I am thrilled to be joining the SLGA.
People can find out more about Kevin Craggs on his website at Kevin Craggs Website
Captain Beth Paterson and Vice Captain Christeen Finlayson represented RLCGA at the meeting