Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sally Smyth, Ann Judge, Jean Irvine and Lilias Snodgrass -- Photo Courtesy of Jean Irvine

The Commonwealth Spoon Finals took place today at Powfoot Golf Course.
I don't have a report as yet apart from RLCGA secretary Jean Irvine who had qualified to play and said "We didn't win any prizes but we had a great day despite the motorway being closed and took us 3 hours to get there!!"

RLCGA Representatives were:
A Judge and S Smyth Ranfurly Castle
L Snodgrass and J Irvine Ranfurly Castle
L Stewart and D Jackson Greenburn/Cochrane Castle
Marion Stewart and Lynda Bradley Kilmacolm

For a list of Prize Winners Click here.