Sunday, July 02, 2017


The road from Erskine Hospital to the Golf Club is going to be closed all this week. --- That's the back road past Mar Hall. 

As regards the best route for people coming down the M8 is as follows-

Come off at the St. James roundabout and take the A726 to the old Red Smiddy Roundabout. That's along the side of the airport. Continue through first Roundabout to the second one.
At this Roundabout take a left on the A8 to Bishopton. Continue on the A8 through first Roundabout, through first set of traffic lights and up to second set of lights at Ferry Road. Turn right there and continue on Ferry Road and the Golf Course is on the left.

 It's really simple but you know what it's like if you don't know where you are going!
I'm not sure how folks coming over the Erskine Bridge would approach Bishopton when the back road is closed. 

Maybe check out google maps before you leave for your best route or contact Sandra Littlejohn for further details 

Starting Times -- Tuesday 4th July 

 09:30 Denise Cowan (6c AWAY) Jennifer Mack (8c AWAY)
09:38 Christine Fowler (9c AWAY) Anabel Kane (9c AWAY) Janette McCartney (11c AWAY)
09:45 June Lockhart (11c AWAY) Niamh Kinney (12c AWAY) Emma Kennedy (7c AWAY)
 09:53 Morag Key (13c AWAY) Morag Turner (14c AWAY) Marianne McKelvie (14c AWAY)
10:00 Fiona Armour (14c AWAY) Fiona Roger (14c AWAY) Nancy MacGadie (15c AWAY)
10:08 Michelle Anderson (15c AWAY) Lois Brown (13c AWAY) Anita McMillan (16c AWAY)
10:15 Muriel Young (17c AWAY) Carolyn Reuben (18c AWAY) Lilias Snodgrass (18c AWAY)
10:23 Joyce Kelly (18c AWAY) Cherry Briggs (20c AWAY) Jean Irvine (21c AWAY)
10:30 Linda Anderson (23c AWAY) Jackie McCabe (23c AWAY) Pam Harvey (25c AWAY)

10:45 Lynda Bradley (11c AWAY) Jean Sloan (11c AWAY) Ahllanna Taylor (21c AWAY)1
10:53 Cathy Morton (12c AWAY) Merope Dunlop (15c AWAY) Isabell Donnelly (16c AWAY)
11:00 June Irons (18c AWAY) M Mitchell (19c AWAY) Sheila Shaw (21c AWAY)
11:08 Norah Adams (20c AWAY) Fay Storey (22c AWAY) Lesley Anderson (22c AWAY)
11:15 Shirley Back (7c AWAY) Sandra Littlejohn (14c AWAY) Liz Stewart (3c AWAY)

17:30 Donna Jackson (2c AWAY) Patricia Davidson (4c AWAY)
17:38 Gillian Kyle (4c AWAY) Carol Whyte (5c AWAY) Julie Wilson (5c AWAY)
17:45 Lindsay Mathie (9c AWAY) Elaine Robb (13c AWAY) Linda Honeyman (16c AWAY)

Please go to HowDidIDo booking/ timesheet for any changes nearer the date and please ignore if your handicap is not correct on the list above - all will be sorted on the day.