Friday, April 18, 2008

The 2008 Greenlees Trophy

Next week sees the start of the 2008 Greenlees matches when Largs have a home game against Haggs Castle in the first of the Division 3 matches.

Fiona Roger has taken over the running of the Greenlees League from Willeen McCallum. Willeen has run the League for a considerable number of years, and a huge debt of gratitude is due to her, from all participating clubs, for the efficient and friendly way she has carried out the task. We wish her a happy, stress free golfing season.
In previous seasons you saw a link on the Renfrewshire Website for the Divisional Totals. However,from now on the main links will be found on the The West of Scotland Ladies Golf News website
In addition to the results you will also find a link to the match dates for all 3 Divisions, a full list of results as they are played and also the full divisional totals