Monday, April 07, 2008

RLCGA Umbrellas For Sale

As we are about to start our golfing season the thought of brollies come to mind!

Why not treat yourself to one of our pink umbrellas or even treat a friend or relative - they do not have to be a member of the County.

The umbrellas come in small, which is really a lady's umbrella, and large which is more like a gent's size and they cost £20 each

We already have a number of orders but can't get them delivered until we have a minimum order of 25 for each size.

Remember you will be able to use them as a parasol in the summer and when you come along to support your team you will brighten up the world! ---- WHY NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER IN THE FORM BELOW
If you have any queries please contact Sally Smyth.. She will also be delighted to help you with uniform orders too!

CLICK HERE to see all the uniforms and a downloadable order form that you can give to Sally