Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Megan and Eilidh are drawn in the 1st round of the Scottish Championships

Megan and Eilidh Briggs -- Click to enlarge
Clare- Marie, Megan, Donna and Eilidh have all made it to the matchplay stages of the Scottish Championships at Lossiemouth which begin tomorrow. It is unfortunate that both Megan and younger sister Eilidh have ended up being drawn together in the 1st round -- may the best one win !
Liz Stewart (Greenburn) has qualified for the next flight -- The Clark Rosebowl
8.30 K MacDonald v S Vass, S Wood v A F Ramsay, L Hendry v K Marshall, J Carthew v M Tough.
9.02 K Walker v E Ogilvy, M Summers v R Livingstone, J Turner v C Gruber, E Fairnie v M Pow.
9.34 C-M Carlton v D Pocock, D Jackson v E Moffat, M Briggs v E Briggs, P Williamson v L Murray.
10.00 C Hargan v L Bennett, K Blackwood v M Thomson, S Bishop v C MacDonald, L McLardy v L Kenney.
10.48 Anne Ryan v Belinda Murphy
10.54 Jill Harrison v Alyson McGinnigle.
11.02 Samantha Leslie v Heather Anderson.
11.10 Lynne Terry v Helen Faulds.
11.17 Tracy Laughland v Eileen Gillespie.
11.26 Mary Smith v Liz Stewart.
11.34 Anne Brownie v Carol Wilson.
11.42 Hilary Laughland v Susan Jackson.