Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scottish Seniors at KINROSS

The Scottish Senior Closed Championship is currently being played at Kinross over the Montgomerie Course. To read all about it go to the West of Scotland Website

Click here for Todays Day 1 Results
Wednesday's Tee off Times

Monday, June 29, 2009


Northern Counties have joined Renfrewshire and Galloway in the line-up for the Scottish women's inter-county team golf championship finals at Baberton Golf Club, Edinburgh from September 18 to 20.
Northern Counties wrapped up the North Division title at Royal Dornoch Golf Club today (Monday) when they beat Aberdeenshire 5 1/2-3 1/2, giving them three wins out of three.
In the other tie, Perth & Kinross beat Angus 6-3.
Scottish champions Fife and Midlothian made a confident start to the three-day East Division women's inter-county team golf championship at Falkirk Golf Club today.
Fife beat Stirling & Clackmannan 7-2 while Midlothian also won 7-2 against East Lothian.
It looks certain that the Fife v Midlothian clash will be the one that decides who will go to Baberton Golf Club in September as East Division champions for the four-cornered contest of the Scottish county team finals.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gladys Speedie is a Champion

Gladys -- Click to enlarge Chris Dingwall (D&A) and Gladys Speedie -- Click to enlarge

Gladys Speedie (Past Caddy Mistress for Renfrewshire) won the Douglas Park Senior Championship today at the 21st Hole against Chris Dingwall
There is still some life in the old one yet !! --- Well done and many congratulations !!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some more photos from Strathaven

Jean MacIntyre of Lanarkshire took more photographs at the Inter County Jamboree including some of the dinner To see them go to the Lanarkshire Website

Thursday, June 25, 2009


RLCGA Caddies - Click to enlarge Some of the caddies at lunch -- Click to enlarge

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who came along to support our victorious team. There is nothing more uplifting that seeing our "Renfrewshire Pink" dotted along the fairways, around the greens and through the trees.

It goes without saying the players are indebted to their loyal caddies - they are vital in three days of competition. It was also so nice to see how impressed the caddies were with the high standard of golf and how much they enjoyed getting to know the girls. Everyone agrees they are a great bunch of girls!

Captain May Hughes, Secretary Jean Macintyre and all the Lanarkshire officials organised and ran a most efficient and happy Centenary Jamboree (the fond name for the West Division Inter-County Matches). They tick all the boxes 100% and much more! The weather, the course, the clubhouse, the staff - everything was first class.

West of Scotland Secretary, Isabel Crawford, relaxed the players and entertained all the spectators with her light hearted banter on the first tee and all the games were played with friendly rivalry.

In all, a very happy and successful Centenary Jamboree.

Well played, girls. Renfrewshire is very proud of you.

The Renfrewshire Team, which will be announced in due course, will head for The Scottish County Finals at Baberton Golf Club, Edinburgh, from Friday 18th to Sunday, 20th September. Please enter this date in your diary now and if you are interested in caddying please e-mail Vice Captain Trish.

The 2010 West Division Inter-County Matches will take place at Kilmacolm Golf Club from 14th to 16th June.

Captain Christeen

Centenary Jamboree Congratulations

Congratulations from Fiona Roger

To Christeem and all the Renfrewshire County team - Congratulations and well done to you all for such a wonderful win at Strathaven in the Centenary Jamboree. Sorry n0t to have been there this week to support, but good news travels fast and Carol, as always, had each days results posted very quickly, and the photos were great. To all those involved in organising the Renfrewshire team - a job well done.
Come September, I hope be at Baberton when you head East for the Scottish Finals. Centenary Year - what a good year to go one step further!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Message from Caddy Morag Key

Just a wee note of congratulations to you Christeen and your superb golfing team! What stars they are and am I ever glad I accepted your offer to caddy. Unfortunately I don't think I'm capable of doing two rounds in one day nowadays but it was a real privilege to be a caddy and to see such wonderful golf. How these girls can hit a ball! You must be very proud to have been the Captain and well done to you for all your hard work and enthusiasm.
Not forgetting you Carol for your dedication to the website. It is just great to be able to go on and see all the results so quickly, not to mention your skills in photography! Everyone, even non-members of the County, love to log in and keep up to date. As always, thank you.
Cheers --- Morag Key (Ralston).


RLCGA -- 2009 West Scotland County Team Winners -- Click to enlarge The RLCGA Team with the winners trophy -- Click to enlarge

Renfrewshire beat Dunbartonshire & Argyll 6 1/2-2 1/2 in the decisive match between the two teams with 100 per cent records going into the final day of the West Division women's inter-county team golf championship at Strathaven Golf Club today.
That meant Renfrewshire topped the table for the second year in a row and will go to Baberton Golf Club, Edinburgh in September as West's representatives in the four-cornered contest for the Scottish women's county championship.
Ayrshire beat Lanarkshire 5-4 in the battle between the teams who had lost both their first two matches.
Renfrewshire had the player of the tournament in Scottish champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm), winner of all six foursomes and singles ties she played. In the final set of singles, Megan beat former Curtis Cup player and past champion Anne Laing (Vale of Leven) by 2 and 1. It was Anne's first singles defeat of the tournament.
Renfrewshire had the strength in depth their rivals lacked. Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze) was close behind Megan Briggs in the points table, earning 5 1/2 out of a possible six.
Jill Meldrum (Dullatur) top scored for runners-up Dunbartonshire with 4 1/2pt.
Final placings - 1 Renfrewshire 6pt, 2 Dunbartonshire & Argyll 4pt, 3 Ayrshire 2pt, 4 Lanarkshire 0pt.
Wednesday match details:
Foursomes - Anne Laing & Jill Meldrum lost to Eilidh Briggs & Megan Briggs 5&4 ; Nichola Ferguson & Lorraine Campbell bt Donna Jackson & Liz Stewart 1 hole; Suzanne Cadden & Laura McGeachy lost to Clare-Marie Carlton & Gillian Kyle 3 and 2 (1-2).
Singles - Laing lost to Megan Briggs 2 and 1, Ferguson lost to Carlton 6 and 4, Meldrum halved with Eilidh Briggs, Cadden lost to Jackson 6 and 5, McGeachy lost to Kyle 3 and 2, Helen Faulds bt Carol Whyte 7 and 5 (1 1/2-4 1/2).
Foursomes: Fiona Norris & Susan Wood bt Lesley Hendry & Rachael McQueen 1 hole; May Hughes & Lesley Lloyd bt Jenny Linklater & Alex Glennie) 1 hole, Elaine Cuthill & Joanna Scott lost to Audrey Thompson & Liz Keohone 3 and 2 (2-1).
Singles: Norris bt Hendry 1 hole, Wood lost to Catherine Malcolm 3 and 1, Cuthill lost to Thompson 1 hole; Joanna Scott lost to Rachael McQueen1 hole; Ruth Rankin lost to Linklater 4 and 2, Angela Devine lost to Lesley Williamson 1 hole (2-4).

To see some photos from today's events click on the small thumbnail below
Day 3 West of Scotland Inter County Matches

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2 at Strathaven - Renfrewshire win against Ayrshire

In the Pink -- Click to enlarge Vice Captain Trish, Mo Neilson and Gillian Kyle --- In the Pink - Click to enlarge

Renfrewshire will play Dunbartonshire & Argyll in a winner-takes-all climax to the three-day West Division women's inter-county team championship at Strathaven

Renfrewshire followed up their 8-1 beating of Lanarkshire with a 7 1/2-1 1/2 win over Ayrshire today.
Dunbartonshire & Argyll, 5-4 winners over Ayrshire on Day 2, beat Lanarkshire 7-2 today.
The winners of the title will represent the West Division at the Scottish county finals at Baberton Golf Club, Edinburgh in September.
Renfrewshire 7.5 Ayrshire 1.5 (Renfrewshire Results first)
Megan Briggs and Eilidh Briggs beat Lesley Hendry and Catherine Malcolm 7&6
Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart beat Liz Keohone and Jenny Linklater 3&2
Clare- Marie Carlton and Alyson McKechin beat Alex Glennie and Lesley Williamson 3&2
Megan Briggs beat Lesley Hendry 3&1
Gillian Kyle lost to Liz Keohone 3&2
Alyson McKechin beat Catherine Malcolm 3&2
Clare-Marie Carlton halved Audrey Thompson
Eilidh Briggs beat Lesley Williamson 4&3
Carol Whyte beat Rachael McQueen 3&2

Lanarkshire 2 D&A 7 (Lanarkshire result first)
Foursomes:Susan Wood and Elaine Cuthill lost to Anne Laing and Jill Meldrum 2&1
Fiona Norris and Angela Devine lost to Nichola Ferguson and Lorraine Campbell 3&1
Lesley Lloyd and Ruth Rankin halved Suzanne Cadden and Laura McGeachy
Elaine Cuthill lost to Anne Laing 5&4
Fiona Norris lost to Nichola Ferguson 2&1
Susan Wood lost to Jill Meldrum 6&5
Lesley Lloyd beat Louisa Ruane 4&3
Angela Devine lost to Laura McGeachy 6&4
Joanna Scott halved Helen Faulds

Here are some photographs from today's play --- Click on the small thumbnail to see the album

2009 West of Scotland Matches - Day 2

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alyson is a winner on her 16th Birthday

Alyson McKechin - click to enlarge
Happy Birthday Alyson and well done on your 2 wins today --- click to enlarge photo

Renfrewshire win against Lanarkshire on Day 1 of the Inter County Matches

Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire Teams -- Click to enlarge
Renfrewshire, the defending champions, made an impressive start to their 2009 campaign to retain the West Division women's inter-county team championship at Stathaven Golf Club today.
They beat Lanarkshire, without Vagliano Trophy player Pamela Pretswell, soundly by the resounding margin of 8-1. The writing was on the wall for Lanarkshire after they lost the morning foursomes 3-0.
Dunbartonshire & Argyll, without their GB&I team selection and county champion Kylie Walker managed to edge a 5-4 win over Ayrshire, which represented a good afternoon's work by Ayrshire. They had lost the morning foursomes 2-1 but battled hard to share the singles 3-3
Tomorrow, it's Renfrewshire v Ayrshire and Lanarkshire v Dunbartonshire & Argyll.
On Wednesday, it's Lanarkshire v Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire & Argyll v Renfrewshire.
The winners of the West Division title qualify for the four-cornered contest for the Scottish women's county team championship at Baberton Golf Club, Edinburgh in September.
RLCGA 8 Lanarkshire 1 --- Renfrewshire names 1st
Eilidh Briggs & Megan Briggs beat Susan Wood & Elaine Cuthill 6 & 5
Clare Marie Carlton & Alyson McKechin beat Angela Devine & Fiona Norris 6 & 5
Donna Jackson & Liz Stewart beat Lesley Lloyd & May Hughes 3 & 2
Meggan Briggs beat Fiona Norris 3&2
Clare Marie Carlton beat Susan Wood 4&2
Eilidh Briggs lost Lesley Lloyd 4&3
Alyson McKechin beat Elaine Cuthill 2 holes
Gillian Kyle beat Ruth Rankin 2&1
Carol Whyte beat Joanna Scott 6&5

D&A 5 AYRSHIRE 4 -- D&A names 1st
Anne Laing and Jill Meldrum beat Lesley Hendry and Rachael McQueen 1 Hole
Nichola Ferguson and Louisa Ruane lost to Audrey Thompson and Liz Keohone 3&2
Suzanne Cadden and Laura McLardy beat Alex Glennie and Catherine Malcolm 2 Holes
Anne Laing beat Lesley Hendry 6&4
Nichola Ferguson beat Rachael McQueen 6&5
Jill Meldrum beat Lesley Williamson 3&2
Laura McGeachy lost Jenny Linklater 5&4
Lorraine Campbell lost Audrey Thompson 4&3
Suzanne Cadden lost Catherine Malcolm 4&3

To see some photos from todays events -- click on the small thumbnail below
2009 West of Scotland Inter County Matches --- Day 1

Friday, June 19, 2009


It's all go for the Jamboree at Strathaven on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Renfrewshire Team are fighting fit and in good spirit and looking forward to doing battle against the three other West of Scotland Counties.

The match times are at 9a.m. and 1.30p.m., and 9.30a.m. and 2.15p.m.

Monday: Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire; D & A v Ayrshire
Tuesday: Renfrewshire v Ayrshire; Lanarkshire v D & A
Wednesday: Lanarkshire v Ayrshire; D & A v Renfrewshire.

The girls have spent many hours over the winter and spring preparing for the matches so I hope many of our Renfrewshire Members will turn out and support our Team. The girls like a gallery and you will certainly be entertained with some excellent golf. Remember to wear your County colours! The winners go forward to the Scottish County Finals at Baberton, Edinburgh, in September.

Good luck and best wishes to Alyson, Carol, Clare-Marie, Donna, Eilidh, Gillian, Liz and Megan. You are a great bunch of girls! Walk tall! Walk proud!

Captain Christeen

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Renfrewshire are Runners Up in the Kennedy Salver


The Kennedy Junior Salver was played over Clober Golf Club today with Ayrshire being the overall winners. The morning foursomes were reduced to 9 holes due to torrential rain . The rain eventually subsided about 3pm to enable most of the 12 single matches to enjoy their game

Final Result: Ayrshire 7.5, Renfrewshire 4, Lanarkshire 3.5, D&A 3.

Many congratulations to Ayrshire

Well done to all the Renfrewshire Team on their very good performance despite the terrible weather

Want to see some more photos taken by Lanarkshire's Jean MacIntyre Click Here . Also by double clicking on the slideshow you can then see larger pictures

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th June, the Girls' Inter-Division Matches took place at Ballumbie Castle Golf Club, near Dundee. Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) and Lesley Cosh (Cowglen) were part of the West Team who gained second place with 5 points. The girls won against the North's Hannah McCook and Louise Mcgilvarry 3/2; they won against the South's Ailsa Bain and Tara McTaggart 2/1; and, were beaten by East girls Rachael Hanlon and Camilla Tait 2/1. Well played girls.

The East Team retained the title with 7 points.

Kennedy Salver Team


This year’s team is:

Natasha Qayum
Linsey Stevenson
Lesley Cosh
Samantha Cowan
Saorcha Warren
Corinne Kyle
Alexandra Qayum

All the girls have enjoyed a practice round at Clober and are looking forward to the competition,
The foursomes start at 9am and the singles go out at the back of one. Anyone interested in cheering the girls on will be most welcome.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Janice Moodie Trophy at Windyhill

The Janice Moodie competition at Windyhill Golf Club on Friday 3rd July is a order of merit event and open to girls up age 21. Prizes are divided into age catgeories (10 - 14) (15 - 17) and (18 - 21). Tee of times are available 10.30 - 2.30.

Entry form attached or contact Tracy Masterton on tamasterton@hotmail.com, 07969 806885 or 0141 887 9802 to enter.


Renfrewshire Ladies put £50 on your MCGA card when registering at the Academy or topping up your card and receive and additional £50 FREE! This offer closes on 12th July so why not take advantage of this offer NOW!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carol meets Rachael Heyhoe Flint

Rachael Heyhoe Flint and Carol Fell - click to enlarge Your Webmaster Carol has just returned back from La Manga Spain and will try to get back into the swing and keep the website up to date . Thanks, however, go to Captain Christeen for adding some news through out the week.
I had a great holiday with 4 long time friends --- 3 rounds of golf --- too many putts ---but very enjoyable and lots of laughs.!
Met a very famous lady known probably to many of the slightly older generation --- Rachael Heyhoe-Flint .

To read more about it go to the West of Scotland Website

A thanks Rachael for the chat

Barclays Scottish Open Ticket Offer

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Hospitality packages are still available from only £225 + vat, for further information or to request a brochure email tournament@barclaysscottishopen.co.uk or call 0141 887 2992.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


All the best to our Scottish Champion, Megan Briggs, (Kilmacolm), who is competing in the Ladies' British Open Amateur Championship at Royal St. David's Golf Club, Harlech in North Wales. Two stroke-play qualifying rounds are being played today and tomorrow producing 64 qualifiers for the match-play stages which culminates with the final on Saturday, 13th June.

The Scottish Team is Roseanne Niven (Captain) (Crieff), Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), and Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle). Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) is first reserve and Megan second reserve.

Good luck girls.


After two rounds over the Burnside and Budden courses at Carnoustie in the Scottish Schools' Championship Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) and Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) both scored 153 gaining 6th and 7th place.

Renfrewshire came second in the Girls Team Championship with 306, 3 strokes behind East Dunbartonshire.

Well done girls - again!


Congratulations to Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze) who had the best scratch score of 75 to win the WALLACE WILLIAMSON BOWL at Stirling yesterday. Clare-Marie also had the best net score of 73 to win the Silver Division CHALLENGE BOWL. Keep up the good work CMC!


Well done to Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) who was the first round leader with a 76 at the Munross Trophy, the SLGA order of merit 36 hole women's open tournament. Eilidh had an 80 in the afternoon. Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) had an 80 and a 76. Congratulations to Ann Ramsay (Kirriemuir) who won with an 80 and 70.

Alyson had the best net aggregate of 148 off a handicap of 4.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Alyson McKechin wins the May Medal at Eastwood

Alyson McKechin with some putting practice - click to enlarge

Alyson has some practice putting - click to enlarge

Our up and coming Junior player --- County Team member -- Alyson McKechin from Elderslie was in sparkling form today at the May Medal over Eastwood Golf Course
In exceedingly hot and sticky conditions Alyson was out in 1 under par 35 and came home in 1 over par to have a par round of 72 and win the scratch award. She also won the handicap award with a net 68

Sheila Genders (West Kilbride) was the winner of the Medal Finals which was played in conjunction with todays medal

SSS 72 , CSS 72 36 Entrants
Handicap Scr - 12
1st Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) 72 (4) 68
2nd Morag Turner (Kilmacolm) 81 (11) 70
3rd Annabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 84 (12) 72

Handicap 13-28

1st Helen Crichton (Ranfurly Castle) 96 (27) 69
2nd Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle) 85 (13) 72
3rd Christeen Finlayson (Whitecraigs) 92 (19) 73

Scratch: Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) 72

To see all the results Click Here

Click on the following link and print out your appropriate Home Club Page Number to take back to your handicap Secretary HANDICAP EXCHANGE LETTER

To see some photos from the day Click Here


The Renfrewshire 2009 Team to compete in the West of Scotland Inter County Matches against Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire & Argyll and Lanarkshire at Strathaven Golf Club on Monday, 22nd to Wednesday, 24th June, is announced as follows:-
Megan Briggs, Kilmacolm
Eilidh Briggs, Kilmacolm
Clare-Marie Carlton, Fereneze
Donna Jackson, Cochrane Castle
Gillian Kyle, East Renfrewshire
Alyson McKechin, Elderslie
Liz Stewart, Cochrane Castle
Carol Whyte, Windyhill

1st Reserve Gillian McGinlay, Cochrane Castle; 2nd Reserve Jennifer Jenkins, Ralston

The squad have practised hard and given much of their time over the winter months, out in the wind and rain, to prepare for Strathaven. Please make sure you have a note of these dates in your diary and it would be much appreciated if you could come along and support the girls in your County Colours! The players respond to a gallery and, I have no doubt, you will see excellent golf.

Monday: Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire D & A v Ayrshire
Tuesday: Renfrewshire v Ayrshire Lanarkshire v D & A
Wednesday: Lanarkshire v Ayrshire D & A v Renfrewshire

Captain Christeen