Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi everyone.
Here I am at the PGA Championship in Wisconsin --- (click the link).
This is a fabulous golf course but it looks impossible! I think it is the easiest course for watching that I have ever been to. There are very few stands or "bleachers" as they call them here!
You can see pretty easily because there are so many dunes. It is very long and there are huge carries and if the wind is strong it will be so difficult. This morning of course play was delayed because of fog and they won't get all play finished today which will probably delay everything tomorrow too. It is not just St Andrews where the weather plays havok!
Anyway it is extremely hot --- 88 degrees and very humid. We are having more of a holiday this time which is good. We are staying in a fabulous hotel but I need a map and compass to find our room!
More anon.
Hope everyone is playing good golf.
Best wishes Trish