Sunday, May 14, 2017


15 girls arrived at Mearns Castle Golf Academy this afternoon after a day of persistent heavy rain. Ever optimistic, Captain Gillian and her team persuaded them all to warm up on the range and be ready on the 1st tee as it was going to dry up-and it did!
They all played a 'Flag Competition' according to their handicaps or age. The 'Handicap' group received 36 shots plus half their handicap and had to put their flag in the ground when they had run out of shots. The others were split into age groups and played off the blue tees and all had 36 shots. Again stopping when they had run out of shots. 
Many thanks go to Mearns Castle Golf Academy for courtesy of the course and the range balls for warming up.

Handicap 1st-Sophie Kyle (East Ren)
                2nd-Emily Crusher (Eastwood)
                 3rd-Hannah Carson (East Ren)

Age 5-7 1st-Katie Thyne (Caldwell)
              2nd-Amy Vine (Eastwood)

Age 8-10 1st Ella McGrath (Caldwell)
                2nd Gracie Phimister (Elderslie)
                3rd Natalie Vine (Eastwood)

Age 11+ 1st Jennifer Lynagh (Caldwell)
               2nd Beth Rogan (Paisley)
               3rd Katie Dunne (Paisley)

Thanks must also go to the helpers-Linda Ellery, Liz Stewart, Liz Hale and Niamh Kinney for walking with all the groups.