Thursday, December 21, 2017


In yesterday's Glasgow Herald many County Members may have read the article about the Golfing Fixtures for 2018 including the new 9 Hole National Final. --- She emailed them saying -

In usual fashion for many sports articles (Nick Rodger, 20th Dec – Scottish Golf), the first two paragraphs attempt to be amusing.

 However in describing Scottish Golf’s unveiling of its 2018 schedule of events by saying “nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like opening an email to see when the Scottish Women’s County Finals are on” was both patronising and offensive.

Scottish Golf certainly has its problems at the moment, and I get the sentiment of the article (eg. Ready Golf and 9 hole competitions to improve the game), but to include a flippant comment on the Women’s County Finals was both patronising and offensive.

 Most amateur championship competitors require time off work, so it is vital dates are listed well in advance. Having been involved in the County Finals in September with Renfrewshire , the eventual winners in a very closely fought Tournament, I’m sure most competitors would have found Mr Rodger’s comment offensive.

 June Lockhart (Captain of Renfrewshire Ladies County Association)

Reply from Nick Rodgers

Good afternoon June.

Hope all well and thanks for the mail which was forwarded on to me.

Many apologies if I caused offence, which I clearly have.

It was unintentional and, as you say, a bit throwaway.
I’m well aware of the efforts that go into these events, both from players and organisers.

In my years at an agency the redoubtable Colin Farquharson, a doyen of the ladies amateur scene, and myself would pick up the SLGA county results and batter them round the houses.

Easier days! Anyway, thanks for getting in touch. All feedback gratefully received.

All the best for the festive season and good golfing in 2018.

Kind regards, Nick


Hi Nick,

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

 I am an avid sports fan (not just golf), and I do appreciate the work you do in promoting golf, and ladies golf – my good friend Carol Fell certainly sang your praises !!

However it is a worrying and stressful time, especially in the pressure to amalgamate the Ladies Counties and the Gents Areas.

 This is complicated and not helped by the attitude of several gents towards women over a long period of time.

Unfortunately your one sentence just hit a nerve, and possibly I overreacted – though I was out of my chair faster than a cruise missile.
 I certainly accept your apology, and I do hope we can meet up at one of these meetings to laugh it off.

 Kind Regards June


Hello again June. 

Thanks for coming back and, aye, I can appreciate the hassles you’ll have had down the seasons with certain gents still living in the Cretaceous period. 
It’s not often I stoke up much reaction so the thought of someone rising off their chair in a fury is something to savour!! 
Give my regards to Carol. 

Thanks again. Nick