Monday, December 18, 2017


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Liz Hale and Captain June Lockhart visited Heather Anderson in hospital yesterday afternoon, and they  glad to say she has improved in her mobility. 

 She can walk a little around the wards, and was most interested in the golf talk !! She might be home in a few days but unfortunately she had a fall which has set her back – but luckily there was nothing broken. 

It would be great if some members could keep sending her a message now and then – she does very much appreciate it, as does her daughter, Lesley.

However today -- Seemingly there is a bug in the ward and Heather has been moved into a side ward. She is now in Room 10 in Ward 4 of the RAH. This may have put her chances of getting home for Christmas on hold. Shame to gave set backs when she is doing so well

Some messages that have come in today -- Have been sent to Liz to pass on the Heather's daughter Lesley

June Kerr Happy Birthday Heather! I vividly remember you winning the Scottish at W.K, that wasn't yesterday but you haven't changed a bit! Take care, try not to fall and have a Happy Christmas 

Pearl Orr Wishing you a Happy Birthday Heather. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Wishing you best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a healthier New Year. Pearl x

Catherine Malcolm Delighted to hear Heather is on her feet.x

Linda McDougall Happy Birthday Heather. Hope you get home soon.

Donna Jackson Heather glad to hear you are doing better hope you are home soon x

Christeen Finlayson You are amazing, Heather. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a much healthier 2018. C x

Doreen Mainds Sorry to hear you have had a fall. Hope you mend quickly and have a happy birthday. X