Monday, June 21, 2010


Saorcha Warren, Alexandra Qayum, Emma Kennedy, Natasha Qayum, Samantha Cowan and Mairi Gray (missing Lesley Cosh) --- Photo Courtesy of Jean Macintyre

The West of Scotland Junior Inter County Matches for the Kennedy Salver was played today in very pleasant weather at Cawder Golf Club. The girls from the four counties mixed well and enjoyed their day.
The winner with 6 1/2 points was Renfrewshire, second with 5 1/2 points was Ayrshire ,third with 4 1/2 points was Dunbarton & Argyll and Lanarkshire with 1 1/2 points was fourth.
Renfrewshire won by a point from last year's winners, Ayrshire. Maureen Mitchell the Junior Convenor stated that obviously, we are all delighted and excited with our win. All our girls played good golf and played quite mature golf for their age. Our coaching sessions with Lesley Mackay at Playsport have proved to be well worth it.
Jorden Ferrie & Kirsten Scott)(D&A) lost to Katie Mcgarva & Grace Mackie (Ayrshire) 3&2
Nicole Benson & Abbi Gliksten (Lanarkshire) lost to Natasha Qayum & Lesley Cosh (Renfrewshire) 1 hole
Amanda McLeod & Aileen Campbell (D&A) defeated Samantha Cowan & Saorcha Warren (Renfrewshire) 4&3
Julie Glencorse & Nicole Muir (Lanarkshire) lost to Emma Hale & Rachel Irvine( Ayrshire) 7&6
Robyn Michie & Alex Rennie (D&A) defeated Eva O'Connor & Lisa Bathgate (Lanarkshire) 6&4
Mairi Gray & Alexandra Qayum (Renfrewshire) defeated Conni Jaffrey& Alexandra Brown (Ayrshire) 4&3
Kirsten Scott (D&A) defeated Nicole Benson (Lanarkshire) 2 holes
Natasha Qayum (Renfrewshire) defeated Connie Jaffrey (Ayrshire) 3&2
Amanda McLeod (D&A) defeated Samantha Cowan (Renfrewshire) 7&6
Eva O.Connor (Lanarkshire) halved with Katie Mcgarva (Ayrshire)
Jorden Ferrie (D&A) lost to Emma Hale (Ayrshire) 4&3
Nicole Muir (Lanarkshire) lost to Saorcha Warren (Renfrewshire) 4&3
Rachael McLelland (D&A) lost to Abbi Gliksten (Lanarkshire) 4&2
Alexandra Qayum (Renfrewshire) defeated Rachel Irvine (Ayrshire)3&2
Aileen Campbell (D&A) halved with Mairi Gray (Renfrewshire)
Julie Glencorse (Lanarkshire lost to Grace Mackie (Ayrshire) 7&6
Robyn Michie (D&A) lost to Hazel McGarvie (Ayrshire)
Abbi Kidd (Lanarkshire) lost to Emma Kennedy (Renfrewshire)4&2

Looking for some photos then Jean MacIntyre of Lanarkshire has got a some.

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The 2010 Kennedy Salver --
by C Fell