Monday, October 01, 2012


Nicky Henderson has prepared the draw for this years Winter Foursomes. 

You will find the drawsheet on the link on the LHS of this website at Competition Entry and Draws or by CLICKING HERE

If you are the challenger you will find the contact telephone number of one of the players and their Home Club on the second tab at the top of the draw sheet.

Rules for Winter Foursomes

Top line are the challengers
Challengers to offer three dates not in the same week
Strokes = half the difference between aggregate handicaps of each side
Sudden Death - in the event of a tie after 18 holes competitors should continue play until one couple gain a hole
No time extensions permitted
All ties to be played within the County
Final to be played by arrangement with the County Captain.

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESULT TO NICKY HENDERSON OR YOUR WEBMASTER CAROL FELL   (Click on the NAME to send an email) -- If you also have a story and / or a photo of your game please do include it to your webmaster Carol