Sunday, April 08, 2018


Pollok Golf Club
Booking is open on How Did I Do or,  for this those of you that have joined, via the RLCGA Club V1 Members Hub, for:
The Foursomes at Pollok on Wednesday 9th May - booking closes 1st May

Caldwell Golf Club

The Spring Meeting at    Caldwell on Friday 18th May 2018 - booking closes 10th May

Booking Advice

The person entering the Foursomes team on the tee sheet should enter their name as the first player and their partners name second. Doing it the other way round will submit the booking with only one team member. Should this happen then your partner will need to access the tee-sheet and highlight their name and select 'cancel'. Commence the booking again using the aforesaid order of players. 

If you have already entered the Foursomes or Spring Meeting competitions and you wish to change partners, cancel all together or move zones prior to the close of booking, then highlight your name(s) on the tee sheet and select cancel and start the booking process again, if you wish to move zone/change partners. 

Any problems booking on prior to the closing date, contact the Results Secretary, Fiona Armour, email Fiona 07719 345322, who will be able to assist.